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Mein liebstes Gutenacht – Fülbuch

‘My favourite bedtime book’

Gorgeous spiral board book for little ones. Each page shows the bedtime routine and is a great resource to prompt language stimulation and development with the colours, numbers and familiar situations.

Children will relate to the illustrations and will love to touch and feel the pages.

Perfect at bedtimes. Sweet dreams!

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In German only:

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Storia Di Tre

This book is adapted from a play for children aged 2 to 8 years. You will find the story captivating and the illustrations very artistic. Through this book children will be exposed to art as if they were reading the program of the Art Gallery.
For years, Dario Moretti has designed activities, created art courses, workshops and exhibition aimed at children.

Italian only:

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A Zebra que não queria ir à escola.

Instead of going to school Zebra decides to wander about. Ho, ho! She meets the panther. Is she going to be eaten right away? The panther gives her a chance, if Zebra can correctly answer a question she can go. Zebra got the wrong answer, guess what happens now?!

Beautiful story to be read aloud and later by the child when she starts reading on her own.

This book is part of the collection ‘As histórias da Mãe Galinha’, perfect for the bedtime.

Boa noite!

In Portuguese only:


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Un amor de botón

Who could have guessed that a lost button will lead to a love story? Follow Enriqueta and Gabriel’s adventures in this beautiful book.

Both stories are told in parallel on each side of the book until the characters get acquainted and the story merges.

Beautiful illustrations and original lay out of the story.

In Spanish only:


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Caras Divertidas na selva

Who wants to have fun with pop up masks of the jungle animals?

Caras divertidas na selva is fun, colourful and is about little children manipulating books.

Let’s encourage their imagination! Who wants to be a beautiful parrot? A funny frog? A lazy lion? Or a friendly elephant?

You will also like Caras divertidas na quinta for pop up masks with farm animals.

Caras divertidas is listed in the Portuguese Government reading program for school children ‘LER Plano Nacional de Leitura’.

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Cache-cache dans la savane

Who would not like to play hide and seek with wild animals?

Try to guess who is hiding?

The child will be given clues, such as “I am the biggest land animal! My trunk and large ears make it hard to hide!”

The short descriptions give a couple of well known facts about the animals. The child can make a guess then check by lifting the flaps or pulling the straps.

Discover beautifully illustrated animals page after page that will make the child happy with anticipation.

You like farm animals check out Cache-cache dans la basse-cour.






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Pequeno Buba busca a su elefante

Buba, the little frog, is at daycare and has lost ‘Tapi’ his elephant plush toy. He is very sad! Pull the flaps and help Buba find Tapi.

This colourful board book that is specially made for little hands.

While Buba is looking for his elephant, your child’s vocabulary will expand. Each page represents an activity run at the daycare and behind each flap hides an animal.

Well done! you have helped Buba find his elephant toy. Now would you like to play hide and seek with Tina the kitten in Tina juega al escondite?

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