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Book review:”Attendre un petit frère ou une petite soeur”

In French. From 2yo.

Soon there will be a new baby at home. Is it going be a girl or a boy? I am not sure I want a baby brother or a baby sister.

Written by the famous paediatrician and psychoanalyst Dr Francoise Dolto, this cute little book gives simple information on what is happening in the womb with the baby and how it is emotionally affecting the first born.

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Book review:’I do not want to be a princess’

In Polish, from 2yo. Hardback.

Who would have thought that a little girl called Marysia could be such a scary dragon! Certainly not her mum. Nor her dad. Nor Grandma. Though grandad had his suspicions. The clever Marysia will cause quite an upheaval in the family home… A fun and by no means straightforward tale about how wisdom is more important than beauty and how you should always be yourself!


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Book review:”il gigante più elegante”

In Italian, from 2yo. Paperback.

Reread this classic Julia Donaldson/Axel Scheffler’s beautiful story in Italian.

Adalberto was very happy being the scruffiest giant in town. But one day, when he sees a shop stocking giant-size clothes, he decides it’s time to update his image. With smart clothes, Adalberto is a new man. However, as he goes home, he meets various animals who desperately need his help.

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