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‘Zog e i medici volante’

In Italian, from 4yo.

Zog, our favourite dragon, is off on in another adventure with the princess and knight doctors. He flies them over the whole kingdom to assist the sick.

To travel along Zog and the flying doctors visit

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‘Sara, el misterio de niña fantasma’

In Spanish, from 8yo.

Sara is spending the summer at her grandparents. Her cousin Adela will be there too. Adela is 4 years older and knows everything! This year, an uninvited ghost is sharing her bedroom. Sara will investigate why the ghost is restless.

For further information visit

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‘Spanish-English Bilingual dictionary – diccionario escolar’

Bilingual English-Spanish, from 4yo.

This small format dictionary is perfect for young learners to take everywhere with them. It contains 9,000 words and 15,000 definitions. Not overwhelming but informative enough. This dictionary was designed to accompany children during their first years of language learning.

To find out further information visit

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‘Toy story: Mysterious Dinosaur World’

In Japanese, from 8yo.

Includes three works from the “Toy Story Mysterious Dinosaur World” that explores the adventures of Trixie who have entered the fighting dinosaur toy set. Familiar characters will make an outstanding performance! “Toy Story of Terror!” Is a story of toys that meet horrifying eyes at the motel at night, depicting the struggle of Buzz who has replaced the bonus doll Mini Buzz at a fast food restaurant.

For more information visit

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‘Le grandi storie horror. Nel castello di Dracula’

In Italian, from 8yo.

Adam loves reading scary stories. He finds a mysterious book entitled The great horror stories. As soon as he starts browsing the pages, he is be catapulted into the castle of the most famous vampire: Count Dracula!

Find out what happens

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‘Guachipira va de viaje’

In Spanish, from 3yo.

Guachipira is a little bird who lives in a tree with all her family. She has never left her tree. One morning, she wakes up and realises that her family is behaving oddly. She must travel to faraway places to finds the plants and flowers that will help her family to recover.

To explore with Guachipira visit

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‘A qué sabe la luna?’

In Spanish, from 1yo.

What does the moon taste like? Well, to find out animals are going to team up together and climb on each other to reach for it. However, the moon thinks it is a game and keeps going further up until she does not think the little mouse can get to her. Little mouse, finally after climbing all the way up of the animal tower, reaches the moon and bite a little bit off to share with her friends.

Cute story about how different animals got together to achieve a common goal. For more information visit

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‘Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?’

In Japanese, from 1yo.

Take this small format books everywhere with you. Children love guessing games and this book will keep young readers entertained with the animals and colours. By the author of the ‘Very hungry caterpillar’, ‘Brown bear, brown bear’ is another classic.

For more information visit

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In Italian, from 1yo.

Colourful and interactive with many flaps on each page, this book is perfect for young readers to learn their first words in Italian. Each double page presents a topic, on one page the illustration will display the objects on their context and on the second page objects and words that children must find either by lifting the flaps or searching the large illustration.

To explore further visit

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‘Quién se esconde en el bosque y en la nieve?

In Spanish, from 2yo.

Gorgeous books to learn fun facts about animals living in the woods and in the snow. The young readers will love the beautiful illustrations and the flap to uncover which animal is describe on the other page.

To explore further visit