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‘Los numeros – numbers’

Los numeros - numbers le toboggan

Bilingual Spanish-English, from 1yo.

Gorgeous board book with fun illustrations to teach your little one how to count in Spanish and in English. Each numbers comes with a search and find activity. You can also review the colours.

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‘La nina de los libros’

la nino de los libros - le toboggan

In Spanish, from 4yo.

This little girl lives in the books. She sails on a sea of words, climbs mountains of sentences. There are no limits. Words take you everywhere. Imagination is borderless.

Let her take you on a beautiful and poetic journey

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‘El orinal de Rita’

El orinal de Rita - le toboggan

In Spanish, from 2yo.

Rita is a big girl and needs to use the potty. Her dad gifts her the best potty ever. It is pirate ship. There are some many things Rita can do with her potty. It is so much fun, she wants her parrot and fish to try it too. She can also eat popcorn out of it or make a meal of dirt and flowers to feed her teddy.

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‘De que cor e um beijinho?’

De que cor e um beijinho

In Portuguese, from 2yo.

One of our favourite books. What a great way to learn colours! Can you guess what colour is a kiss? Is it yellow like the sun, white like the snow or pink like a cupcake?

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‘Il mio libro delle emozioni’

In Italian, from 3yo.

Beautiful book to learn about understanding and managing our emotions. Each emotion is presented in a context. You will love the gorgeous illustrations.

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‘Une journee a la ferme’

In French, from 2yo.

Fantastic book to learn everything about the farm. The animals, what they eat, where they sleep, their babies, what jobs are done by the farmers.

It is a great to learn, the children will have fun lifting the flaps, turning the wheels.

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‘In Tavola’

Italian, 1yo.

It is time to play and learn. Gorgeous board book that will make learning about food more fun. It has a quiz on each page with a wheel to turn to find the answer. So let’s go! It is time to set the table!

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‘El pez que encontro el oceano’

In Spanish, from 3yo.

This is a strong with strong emotions and most of all courage. The little fish is set to explore the vast ocean. He is so little and the ocean so large. He is curious, afraid, confused and brave at times.

Beautifully illustrated this book is about overcoming our fears and not to be afraid to explore.

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‘T’choupi joue a cache-cache’

In French, from 1yo.

T’choupi loves playing hide and seek with his mum. Will he find her? There are so many good hiding spots in the house.

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‘Maravillas del cuerpo humano’

In Spanish, from 4yo.

This is a wonderful way to learn about our body. In this book, we ask 44 questions such as how do we breathe? What happen to the bones when they break? What is the use of our bellybutton?

Beautiful illustrations support the written answer and give the child a visual explanation.

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