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‘Les heros du CP – attaque aux poux’

In French, from 6yo.

Panic at the school of the heroes. They have nits. Quick, they need to act fast. The teacher tells them all about the little insects and the parents are on a mission to eradicate the head lice.

Great book for children learning how to read in French. They can use the different tools such as a vocabulary page, a list with the most common words, some phonetics, the silent letters are shaded in grey and the ‘s’ are graphically linked to the following word to show how to read it all together, at the end there is also a fun activity to check the children have understood the story.

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‘Let’s go to the park’

Bilingual English-Farsi, from 1yo.

Let’s explore the park. Each page asks a question to the child to encourage speech in the target language. What can he see in the park? What will you eat for lunch? Where will you be in the playground?

It also comes with a bilingual visual dictionary with the vocabulary related to a visit to the park.

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‘Hello Paris’

Bilingual French-English, from 3yo.

Mia and her twin Mael are excited. They are spending the day in Paris waiting for their older brother to cross the finish line of the Tour de France in the Champs Elysees. While waiting they decide to go sightseeing. They take us to the Seine river, the Moulin Rouge, the Louvre, Orsay & Grevin Museums, Notre-Dame Cathedral and many mores places.

Great book to learn about landmarks in Paris but also food and customs, such as enjoying the sun at the beach in Paris.

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‘The biscuit moon’

Bilingual Farsi/Arabic/Russian-English, from 4yo.

Life in the desert is very tough. It is very hot and there is not much food around. Buffalo approached a pond to have a drink when he sees a biscuit in the middle of the water. He is starving and starts reaching for the biscuit when the lion arrives and demands the biscuit because he is the king of the animals. The Buffalo does not agree, since he saw the biscuit first, he should have it. Their disagreement attracts more animals and very quickly they all start fighting for the biscuit. A squirrel comes and breaks the fight. “Would it not be better if the biscuit was shared among everyone?”

This is a gorgeous story about the migration of the animals searching for food and water.

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‘Pequena en la jungla’

In Spanish, from 3yo.

In the jungle there is little monkey called ‘Little’. She is frustrated because she is being told all the time she cannot climb, swim, swing because she is little. To prove everyone wrong, she goes on an adventure. She wants to climb the tallest tree in the forest. In order to this she has to cross deep rivers, go through thick bushes and swing on the vines. She is so happy! She is on her way to show everyone that even if you are little you can still live a beautiful adventure. She does not realise that a hungry tiger is following her.

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‘Marcopola y la isla remera: Los piratas de la luna’

In Spanish, from 6yo.

Marcopola is on a rowing island when he find a treasure. There is a letter with some strange instructions. After he follows the, the Moon pirates come along and join Marcopola and the rowing island in their celebrations. Unfortunately, mean pirates also heard about the treasure and they are on their way to steal it.

Great way to learn how to read in Spanish with a fun comic.

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‘Rafa’s first day’

Bilingual Farsi-English, from 1yo.

Rafa talks a lot. He is very excited to go to start school. When he gets there he stops talking. He listens, plays, writes, reads and plays maracas but he not talking.

Cute story that will help children to know what to expect from their first day at school. It is fun and they will make new friends.

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‘Mon premier livre des questions-reponses: la science’

In French, from 4yo.

It an awesome book to learn about science with simple questions and answers.

What is science? What do scientists do? How do doctors know what is wrong when we are sick? Why is it easier to to ride a bike downhill? Why does sugar dissolve in water? Where can I see dinosaures? Where do scientists find their ideas? ….

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‘Yum! Let’s eat!’

Bilingual Russian-English, from 1yo.

Learn what families eat around the world. What is your favourite food? A shepherd pie, rice and peas, sushi or a stir fry with chicken?

Fun and colourful, it is a perfect resource to raise global citizens.

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‘Goal! Let’s play’

Bilingual Arabic-English, from 1yo.

Great book to explore sports around the world. Does you little one like to play cricket or soccer, dive or ride a camel? What noise can be heard when playing those sports.

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