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‘Don Quijote de la Mancha’

don quijote de la mancha

In Spanish, from 6yo.

This is the story of an old man who reads chivalric romances. He loses his mind, names himself Don Quixote de la Mancha and becomes a knight-errand. After many unsuccessful adventures with his squire Sancho Panza and his horse Rosinante, the old knight decides to retire at home where he dies.

To read this classic in a specially adapted version for children go to

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‘Pop pop pop les animaux sauvages’

Pop pop pop les animaux sauvages

In French, from 1yo.

Gorgeous pop up book. Very colourful, it would make learning about animals more fun. Each double page shows a cut out animal popping up as well as several smaller pictures of animals that have things in common. For example, who likes swimming like the hippo? The rhino, the crocodile and the flamingo. One page shows a seek and find activity. Your little one will have to find in the main drawing one the three animals presented.

To find out more

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‘Three little bears climbing the mountain’

three little bears le toboggan

In Chinese, from 2yo.

Three little bears set together to climb the mountain. Soon they reach a fork and two little bears take different paths. The third little decides to carry on on his own. He meets with a wolf and a tiger.

Find out whether the three little bear get together at the top of the mountain

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‘Carry me’

Carry me le toboggan

Bilingual Vietnamese-English, from 6mo.

Cute little board book showing how children are carried by their parents around the world. From sophisticated baby carriers to warm and colourful. Find out how carrying a baby varies among cultures.


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‘Ehi, cagnetto’

Ehi, cagnetto le toboggan bookstore

In Italian, from 3yo.

Frog does not like when the dog sit on her. The cat reminds that this is the rule. Cats sit on mats, frogs on logs and dogs on frogs. Frog decides to change the rules and allocates different sitting place to the animals from slugs to moths and whales.

Your child will love this funny book with its gorgeous illustrations and rhyming text.

For more information visit

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2024 International Mother’s language Day

2024 international mother language day - le toboggan

You are invited to celebrate this year’s international mother’s language day by joining us for an amazing international story time.

We will gather on the grounds of the Fremantle Arts Centre on Saturday 17th February 2024 from 3pm.

Thanks to our kind multilingual volunteers from the Multilingual Australia, Goethe Society WA, Arya Hindi Vidyalay and many others, we are able to bring you this fantastic event that celebrates the cultural and linguistic wealth of our communities.

There will be stories read in Italian, German, Hungarian, Bahasa (Indonesian), Hindi, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese.

Free event. No booking required.
Let us know if you would like to contribute your language.
Please share with your communities.

Brought to you by Le Toboggan

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‘La France’

La France

In French, from 5yo.

Great way to learn fun facts about France. Do you know why the French national anthem is called ‘La Marseillaise’? Do you know why the rooster is a symbol of France? Why we all cheer when watching a game played by the French national soccer team? What is a Capital city? What is a Republic and what is the name of the river going through Paris?

To find out more facts about France and its culture visit to

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‘Journal d’un petit Noob 2 – Balade dans le Nether’

Journal d'un petit Noob 2 - Balade dans le Nether

In French, from 6yo.

This book is inspired from the comic strip ‘A Noob’s diary’. Follow Minus, his new friend Blurp (a zombie!) and their tame wolf Croc’Monstres on their way to new adventures. When they meet the great warrior Marguerite, everything accelerates! She suggests that they use a magical portal to visit the demonic dimension of the Nether! This step is essential if our heroes one day want to face the Enderdragon…

To find out whether Minus and Blurp are brave enough to travel in the Nether visit

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‘Bedtijd voor Boo’

Bedtijd voor Boo

In Dutch, from 2yo.

Gorgeous book for bedtime. It is time to sleep for Belle and her rabbit Boo. However, before entering the dreamworld, they look around the bedroom and it is also bedtime for the cowboys, the ballerinas and the pirates.

For more on Belle’s bedtime routine visit

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‘Big Mouth Wolf and His Friends: Rolling Big Cookies’

Big Mouth Wolf and His Friends: Rolling Big Cookies

In Chinese, from 6yo.

Rabbit has made a big cookie for his grandmother’s birthday. However, one of the ingredients he used was ‘escaping vanilla’. Now, the cookie is ready and jumped out of the house to roll away on the road. On his escape journey he meets with several fairy tale characters, such as the three little pig , Red riding hood and the wolf. Rabbit chases the cookie but will he be able to catch it before it is eaten by the big bad wolf?

To find out go to