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‘Wheels – the friendship race / Die räder – das freundschaftsrennen ‘

Bilingual German – English, from 4yo.

Three friends are racing and are about to learn that there is much more than winning. This story teaches children about the value of friendship. Both languages are in parallel and in different colours which makes it easier for bilingual children to read in either language.

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In Italian, from 0 yo.

Everything starts with a dot of colour. Let the magic of colours amuse your little one with this simple yet original book. Its board book format is perfect to carry everywhere with you.

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‘Royal bobo’

In French, from 5yo.

The king of the animals is proudly wandering in the savannah when he is stung by a mosquito. Oh, no! It is so painful! No-one can help him, not his butler, not the gardener until he is brought to the Queen mother. A kiss from mom cures everything.

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‘El mago de Oz’

In Spanish, from 3yo.

Rediscover this iconic classic in this shortened Spanish version. You will love the colourful illustrations. Dorothy thinks she lost when a tornado takes her and her dog to the magical land of Oz. The only way to go home is by following the yellow brick road. While on her way she will meet the Tin man, a scared lion, witches…

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‘Poisson d’avril’

In French, from 5yo.

Mila and Noe make paper fish to prank their friends at school during April’s fool day. They are very excited but become confused when all of a sudden no-one has a stuck origami fish on his back. Where did all the fish go?

Fun story, perfect for young readers. Silent letters are greyed out and and words with liaisons are identified.

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“Te aburres Minimoni?’

In Spanish, from 2yo.

Little Monica is bored. Maybe she should ask the bunny what she could do? Or the bat? The snake? The whale?

Another fun adventure by Minimoni, the little girl who was wondering what colour the kisses were?

Once again you will love Rocio Bonilla’s gorgeous illustrations.

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‘Qué animales!’

In Spanish, from 1yo.

Little elephant started school today but he did not like it. All the other children were different, no-one was like him. Someone ate their food in a messy way, others had 8 legs. He wants to make a friend who is just like him, grey, with big ears and a long nose.

This is a lovely story to learn about appreciating diversity. You might share several traits with your friends but still be different.

Got to to find out.

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‘The little prince – Japanese’

In Japanese, from 8yo.

The story follows a little boy thinking about friendship, love, loneliness. Rediscover a classic translated into Japanese.

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