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‘Sports day in the jungle’

Sports day in the jungle

Bilingual Italian – English, from 2yo.

Today there is a sport competition in the jungle. Who sig going to be the fastest? The crocodile? The tiger? The monkey is the champion swinging from branches to branches. The monkey is arrogant and likes to make fun of the slower animals like the sloth. However, misfortune happens and he is glad that despite being slow the sloth saves his life.

To find out how visit

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‘Adivina cuanto te quiero durante todo el año’

adivina cuanto te quiero todo el ano

In Spanish, from 2yo.

Four stories for four seasons. Follow little brown hare throughout the year and discover how nature changes with the seasons. Winter covers everything in white, the spring brings yummy colourful flowers, the summer brings joy and heat and with autumn come gold and red.


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‘Amazing night sky atlas’

Amazing night sky atlas

In English from 6yo.

This is another amazing book by Lonely Planet kids. Children will not only learn great facts about astronomy but they will be impressed with the thoroughness of the content and the gorgeous pictures.

For all the sky explorers visit

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‘Walking in my city, what do you see?’

Walking in my city, what do you see?

Bilingual Spanish – English, from 2yo.

Book with gorgeous illustrations that will take the reader on a walk to explore the city. Make it a game and ask your child to describe the city scenes in your target language.

To go on a stroll visit

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‘La vuelta al mundo’

La vuelta al mundo

In Spanish, from 4yo.

Let’s have fun travelling the world. Richard Scarry takes us to New York, Paris, Egypt, London, Australia…. Each stops is illustrated with a fun story.

What are you waiting for? pack your back and go to

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‘Head, shoulders, knees and toes’

Head, shoulders, knees and toes le toboggan

Bilingual English-Tagalog, from 6mo.

Take the famous children’s rhyme then add gorgeous illustrations and you a fun book to read with your child. Perfect for children who are still too small to make the actions on their own. Point a the pictures and ask them to point to their head, nose, eyes…. This bilingual books allows to develop your child’s vocabulary in two languages.

Let’s get singing

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‘Der Fuchs sucht seine socken’

Der Fuchs sucht seine socken

In German, from 1yo.

Gorgeous board book by the illustrator of the Gruffalo. Fox is getting dressed but he cannot find his socks. His feet are really cold. Could you help find the socks? Are thy under the bed, in the trunk or in the clock?

Find the socks with Fox at

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‘Les animaux de la montagne’

Les animaux de la montagne

In French, from 4yo.

Beautiful documentary book. Children will learn about the animals living in mountains across the world. The book offers an interactive learning with flaps to lift and search and find activities. It also comes with fun quizzes. Gorgeous illustrations showing the animals in a visual dictionary format and in context.

To explore the fauna of the world mountains visit

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‘Ca alors !’

Ca alors

In French, from 6mo.

What is happening in this building? Floor by floor, families are missing items. Where are the gloves, the knitted benny, the scarf…? It is snowing and cold outside, those items are needed.

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‘Mas cuentos de risa para aprender a leer con pictogramas’

Mas cuentos de risa para aprender a leer con pictogramas

In Spanish, from 4yo.

Gorgeous book for children learning how to read. By using the pictograms in the text you can read the stories in two voices, yours for the words and your child for the illustrations. This will facilitate the learning of the reading process. By actively participating, the children are more engage and will be soon wanting to read the whole story on their own.

For your copy visit