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Spanish and French workshops 2019 Term 1

Our Spanish and French workshops for children 3 to 6yo are back in 2019.

We find children learn better when they are having fun so we play while learning Spanish or French. We encourage interactivity between the children so they get to practise their language skills.

Some of the activities of our workshops are:

Reading stories, craft, playing games, singing songs, baking, drawing, colouring, writing, treasure hunting, etc…

Time and places are as follows:


Saturdays – 8:45 to 9:45, at the restaurant El asador, 324 Bulwer street, Perth


Saturdays – 10:15am to 11:15am, at the restaurant El asador, 324 Bulwer street, Perth .Tuesdays – 4pm to 5pm, at 78 Lesueur Pass, Beeliar (SOR)

Starting on Tuesday 5th February

Cost is $20/child/session. Discount available when 2 children are enrolled at the same time. FREE trial session. Pay as you go. No charge if you cannot attend.

We kindly request that you notify us if you are enrolled and cannot attend and if you wish a FREE trial session. We want to make sure there are enough resources for all the children.

Email us for more info

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Book review: ‘Juez Dredd, origenes’

In Spanish, from 12yo.

This explains how it all started. Judge Dredd receives a parcel at the courthouse that will send him on a mission to the Curse Land. Find out how he became adept of instant justice in his futuristic world.

For more information visit

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Book review: ‘Splat el gato’

In Spanish, from 2yo.

Splat is a young cat and he is about to start school. He is frightened and finds all sorts of reasons to stay home. Finally, he has to go and decides to take his pet mouse along. Once in the cat’s school, he learns that cats chase mice.

Can you guess what will happen when he releases, Seymour, his pet mouse? How will the day end? WIll Spat want to go back to school?

For more information visit

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Book review: ‘Hor mal, wer da miaut und bellt!’

In German, from 6mo.

Children will love this cute board book with colourful illustrations. They will read about the animals and press the button to hear them make noises.

Interactive book, ask questions to your little ones. What colours are the animals? What are they doing? What noise do they make? Are they being naughty? Discover a dog, a mouse, a cat, a hamster and a bird.

For more information visit

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Book review: ‘Polliwog’s wiggle’

Bilingual Tagalog-English, from 8yo.

This book is about the life cycle of the frog. One day a funny looking fish is born near a school of minnows in the mangroves. The minnows accept this new friend and call him Polliwog as he keeps wiggling. However one day, it becomes harder to breathe under the water, and his legs are growing and his tail is shortening. What is happening? Will he still be able to be friend with the minnows after the weird things that are happening with his body?

For more information visit

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Book review: ‘Giulio Coniglio e la nave pirata’

In Italian, from 2yo.

The porcupine Ignazio has a great idea, he convinces his friend Giulio the rabbit and Tomazo the mouse to play pirates. GIrls are not allowed on board but the snail Laura manages to sneak on board. What is the plan of the ferocious pirates?

For more information visit

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A multicultural gift for Christmas

Opening little minds up to other cultures is giving the gifts of curiosity, love of learning about and from others but also tolerance. Taking your children to cultural festivals, making them taste foreign foods, reading books in foreign languages, reading foreign stories translated in English, playing games are all great ideas to offer this multicultural exposure without having to travel.

Here is a list of multicultural ideas that you might like to have at home. They are fun and great for learning.

  • A world atlas
  • Memory games: Arabicity, Arabicouples, Cities of the world
  • City pop ups: Paris, New York and London
  • Stories about Africa: Bella’s adventures in Africa, African animals ABC, African tales
  • Bilingual English-Ngaanyatjarra(Goldfields Aboriginal dialect) Australian  grub life cycle
  • World stories: Lin Yi’s lantern, The Faery’s Gift

Contact us for more suggestions.

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Book review: ‘Su o giu?’

In Italian, from 0yo.

Learn the opposites with this beautiful book. A refined work of paper in which silhouettes of animals and objects are cut out on black paper and become well-defined shadows on a coloured background.

Fun way to learn opposites with your little one, such as up and down, fast and slow…

For more information visit


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Book review: ‘Eu sei tudo do Pai Natal’

In Portuguese, from 4yo

Sweet story about a young boy who believes in Santa Claus despite all adults around him saying that Santa is not for real. The grown ups must not know how to read the signs. Santa is real!

For more information visit

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Book review: ’24 histoires pour attendre Noel’

In French, from 2yo.

One story to read each night before Christmas. 24 short Christmas stories that all children will enjoy. Stories with elves, Santa Claus, a letter for Santa Claus and many presents.

For more information visit