Language Workshops

Our French & Spanish workshops are designed for children 3 to 6. They are run on Saturdays at the restaurant El Asador, 324 Bulwer Street, Perth.

They are 1-hour workshops including packing time.

Price: $200/child for the 10 sessions** or $22/child on a casual basis.

**25% discount offered when enrolling more than 1 child from the same family

Reminders will be posted on our Facebook page as we are getting closer to the dates.

We also offer private tutoring for children and adults.

We run 30-minute workshops in playgroups and daycares.

Prices upon request (depending on length of session, the number of attendants, etc…)

Further information on the workshops

  • No prior exposure to the language is required. We are happy to give the children with a French and Spanish background an opportunity to practise in a different environment.
  • We explore the language in a fun and playful way. We work around activities. It can be a visit at the Museum, games, colouring ins, craft and so on…. The main themes are the family, greetings, colours, numbers, shapes, please/thank, asking for basic information. We like to introduce different cultures through craft and by including Christmas, the Carnival, the Chinese New Year, etc in our activities.
  • There is no pressure on the child, we all learn at different paces and let’s face it, toddlers decide when and how they want to learn. We respect what the child wants and if he decides to play for a little while, it is up to us to find a way to link their play with the language.
  • The children sometimes do not seem responsive but do not be fooled, they are absorbing what is going around and when they decide they will interact more.
  • We want children to have fun while learning, they are not in school. We are flexible and do our best to adapt to each children’s style.
  • We expect some active participation from the parent, meaning that if you practise during the week and make it fun as a game, your child will show more interest in the lady who talks funny and learn better.

Prior registration is preferable for logistic reasons, we do not want any children to miss out on material handed out during the sessions.

For more info, email or a post/message on the Facebook page.