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‘La fete foraine’

In French, from 1yo.

Nono, the little bear, is excited. He is going to go on the Ferris wheel and other rides with his friends. However, he is embarrassed when it is time to get on the ghost train. His friend Owl, reassures him and tells Nono that it is normal to feel scared sometimes.

To find out how Nono overcomes his fears visit

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‘Le système solaire’

In French, from 8yo.

Learn everything about stars, planets, nebulae and moons with this book. It is infirmative and the pictures are beautiful. It is also full on fun facts to make the reading more interactive. The book comes with a DVD of the science TV show ‘C’est pas sorcier’.

For more information visit

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‘Qui veut sauver le caimantoutlan’

In French, from 3yo.

Caïmantoultan is a grumpy alligator. He is always right and spends most of his time sulking. This is not the best way to make friends …

To find out how Caimantoultan makes new friends visit

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‘Artemis Fowl’

In French, from 8yo

Artemis Fowl is only 12yo and he is already a criminal genius. He has just discovered that fairies are real.

But these are not the cuddly creatures of bedtime stories. They are armed. They are dangerous. And when Artemis captures Captain Holly Short for her fairy gold, he messes with the wrong elf. Holly isn’t armed but she’s incredibly dangerous, and pretty annoyed with all the kidnapping. Artemis Fowl is about to find out that fairies fight back . .

To find out how it all ends visit

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‘Les animaux sauvages’ – pochette de jeu

In French, from 2yo.

Fun card game to learn about wild animals. Each animal comes with a set of two cards, match the head with the tail or the front and the rear.

Or have fun making up crazy animals, such as a zebra’s head and the a lion’s rear. The mini-book will give information on the animals presented on the game.

For more information visit

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‘Pierre et le loup – mini conte avec gommettes’

In French, from 3yo.

Cute little format for this classic tale ‘Peter and the wolf’. Peter is bored up the mountain looking after sheep. He decides to cry “Wolf!”. The whole village comes up the mountain to help him fend off an attack by the wolf. The villagers find no danger and go back to their homes. Peter cries wolf again. The villagers come up to assist him only to find a bored Peter. The villagers are angry and do no longer trust Peter.

Now the wolf is really here and Peter cries for help. However the villagers do not believe him anymore. What will happen?

The book comes with stickers that children must place to illustrate the story.

To find out visit

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‘Mers et oceans’

In French, from 3yo.

Wonderful book to learn about the seas and oceans. With its numerous flaps, learning get more fun and interactive. Learn about all the ecosystems including water, such as the mangroves, the coast, oceans, lakes…learn about life in all those places.

To dive in visit

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‘Le loup qui avait un nouvel ami’

In French, from 4yo.

A new wolf arrives in the forest and Wolf is not very happy. Sure, the newcomer is funny but he can also be annoying and intrusive. Can Wolf befriend him?

For more information visit

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2021 French & Spanish story times at the City of Perth Library

This year we will be back in partnership with the City of Perth Library to bring you more beautiful stories in French and in Spanish.

Come along and join us for one hour of songs, stories and craft. All welcome, non native speakers as well. It is a free event.

The dates for the first half of the year are as follows. We will add the dates for the second half in a few months.


January 6th Spanish

February 3rd Spanish

March 3rd Spanish

April 7th Spanish

May 5th Spanish

June 2nd Spanish


January 20th French

February 17th French

March 17th French

April 21st French 

May 12th French

June 16th French

See you soon!

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‘Titeuf – Meme pô mal’

In French, from 8yo.

Titeuf is in primary school. He is in love with Nadia and lives many adventures with his friends Hugo, Manu and Francois. Inspired by the comics series, this format is better suited to a young reader mixing comics strips and more wordy paragraphs.

For more information visit