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‘Bilder suchen- Wörter finden: Such mit bei den Fahrzeugen’

In German, from 2yo.

Great board book to learn all about transportation. What vehicles are used on a construction site, on water….? This search and find book is ideal to develop the vocabulary in a fun and interactive manner.

To find out more visit

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‘So ist winter’

In German, from 2yo.

Imagine you wake up one morning and everything outside your window is covered in white snow. Let’s play building a snowman and an igloo. Let’s learn what happens to nature when winter comes.

For further information visit

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‘Sara, el misterio de niña fantasma’

In Spanish, from 8yo.

Sara is spending the summer at her grandparents. Her cousin Adela will be there too. Adela is 4 years older and knows everything! This year, an uninvited ghost is sharing her bedroom. Sara will investigate why the ghost is restless.

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‘Die kleine schullerfee’

In German, from 2yo.

Cute story about the pacifier fairy. A little boy does not want to part with his pacifier. The pacifier fairy does not agree with him. It is time to take it away.

To find out how the little fairy is going to convince the little boy of giving his pacifier away visit

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‘Spanish-English Bilingual dictionary – diccionario escolar’

Bilingual English-Spanish, from 4yo.

This small format dictionary is perfect for young learners to take everywhere with them. It contains 9,000 words and 15,000 definitions. Not overwhelming but informative enough. This dictionary was designed to accompany children during their first years of language learning.

To find out further information visit

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‘Vamos a caça de um urso’

Bilingual Portuguese-English, from 1yo.

We are going on a bear hunt, we are going to catch a big one, we are not scared, what a beautiful day !

Read this classic in Portuguese and find out how the river, the forest or snow storm sound like.

To go along on a bear hunt go to

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‘Warrior cats – in die Wildnis’

In German, from 10yo.

Cats are gathering in the forest to form gangs. Domestic cats are joining them. As the gang numbers grow larger the resources become more scarce. Fights for food are becoming common.

Great story to get the older readers motivated in reading in their mother tongue.

For more information visit

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‘Guachipira va de viaje’

In Spanish, from 3yo.

Guachipira is a little bird who lives in a tree with all her family. She has never left her tree. One morning, she wakes up and realises that her family is behaving oddly. She must travel to faraway places to finds the plants and flowers that will help her family to recover.

To explore with Guachipira visit

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‘A talentosa Clementina’

In Portuguese, from 8yo.

When it comes to tackling third grade, Clementine is at the top of her game-okay, so maybe not all the time. After her teacher announces that the third and fourth graders will be putting on a talent show, Clementine panics. She is not artistic at all! How can Clementine ever hope to compete? As the night of the big talent show draws closer, Clementine is desperate for an act, any act. But the unexpected talent she demonstrates at the show surprises everyone-most of all herself.

To find out how Clementine impresses the audience visit

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‘A qué sabe la luna?’

In Spanish, from 1yo.

What does the moon taste like? Well, to find out animals are going to team up together and climb on each other to reach for it. However, the moon thinks it is a game and keeps going further up until she does not think the little mouse can get to her. Little mouse, finally after climbing all the way up of the animal tower, reaches the moon and bite a little bit off to share with her friends.

Cute story about how different animals got together to achieve a common goal. For more information visit