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‘Le pire livre du monde’

le pire livre du monde - Le toboggan

In French, from 4yo.

This hilarious story will make you laugh for a long time. Three characters are reading a story about a princess, a monster and a prince. The story is not original! it is full of mistakes! This is indeed the worst book in the world.

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‘Il compleanno’

In Italian from 1yo.

Gorgeous board book perfect for baby’s 1st birthday. Learn how to say party, cake, birthday and many other words related to one’s special day. The children will love the colourful illustrations as well as the guessing game in each double page. Turn the wheel to find the right answer.

For a happy birthday in Italian visit

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‘Une journee a la ferme’

In French, from 2yo.

Fantastic book to learn everything about the farm. The animals, what they eat, where they sleep, their babies, what jobs are done by the farmers.

It is a great to learn, the children will have fun lifting the flaps, turning the wheels.

To learn about the farm visit

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‘Le piu belle storie di Natale dei Battello a Vapore’

In Italian, from 3yo.

Let rediscover these three beautiful Christmas stories in Italian. The Nutcracker ballet told as if it were a fairy tale, a lonely girl who finds a friend for the winter and the story of Santa Claus according to Mr. Water.

Which one will you like the best?

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‘La grande roue’

In French, from 3yo.

The peacock is proud and vain. He is beautiful and wants to be admired by everyone. Unfortunately, he is arrogant and annoys all his friends. The friends are fed up with the peacock always putting them down. For their revenge they will design a plan that will test the beauty and self esteem of the peacock.

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‘Les fables de La Fontaine’

In French, from 3yo.

23 of the most famous fables by Jean de la Fontaine. Which one do you prefer? The cicada and the ant? The crow and the fox? The tortoise and the hare?….

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‘Mijn eerste woordjes voertuigen’

In Dutch, from 1yo.

Cute little book that you can take everywhere with you. Learn about the transport modes. On one page you will have the word and its illustration and on the other page, the word used in its context. Perfect to develop the children’s language skills.

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‘Zoe cherche son copain Germain’

In French, from 1yo.

Zoe is looking for her friend Germain. She looks everywhere but he remains unfound. Is he at the market? At home? At the playground? Let’s explore the city with Zoe.

This cute book comes with 15 flaps to make the reading more entertaining and interactive.

Visit to find Germain.

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‘Qué animales!’

In Spanish, from 1yo.

Little elephant started school today but he did not like it. All the other children were different, no-one was like him. Someone ate their food in a messy way, others had 8 legs. He wants to make a friend who is just like him, grey, with big ears and a long nose.

This is a lovely story to learn about appreciating diversity. You might share several traits with your friends but still be different.

Got to to find out.

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‘Pequena en la jungla’

In Spanish, from 3yo.

In the jungle there is little monkey called ‘Little’. She is frustrated because she is being told all the time she cannot climb, swim, swing because she is little. To prove everyone wrong, she goes on an adventure. She wants to climb the tallest tree in the forest. In order to this she has to cross deep rivers, go through thick bushes and swing on the vines. She is so happy! She is on her way to show everyone that even if you are little you can still live a beautiful adventure. She does not realise that a hungry tiger is following her.

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