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These are some of the comments we have received so far.


“Le toboggan has amazing resources for French, great bilingual books and also picture dictionaries with pronunciation, very useful when you’re learning the language with your child. They give you great advice, don’t hesitate to ask!” From Vanessa P., 18 March 2016

“I’m so happy to be able to count with this amazing platform to obtain the most gorgeous, colourful, illustrative and educational books.” From Luisa M, 10 April 2016

“Le toboggan has the most beautiful books in Spanish. They have great stories and the illustrations are cute and fun. My boy loves those books.” From Sandra R, 1 March 2016

Great book selection, webpage easy to navigate, reasonable prices, quick and friendly answers. My two yo daughter is delighted with the friendly characters of the pop up books. I love it!” From Ivett L., 9 December 2015



On the workshops –

“Dixie and I attend Filipa’s Español en el parque every weekend and we both love it. It is practically a play date for Dixie with the added bonus of increasing her Spanish vocabulary. I am also learning by taking my daughter along and Filipa encourages parents to be involved in the lesson. It’s great because it means i can reinforce what we learn, during the week.

Filipa is a wonderfully kind and patient teacher and Dixie adores her. I can’t imagine a better way for a three year old to learn a new language.” From Kristie M.

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On our books –

El transporte dedillo reviewed by Paul W. “I bought this Spanish book for my 4 year old son for Xmas as he has always had a particular interest”

Serafina la princesa que camina reviewed by Jose S. “I have gotten a few books from Le Toboggan and I have been really happy with all. they are nicely made.”

Diversion popup pio pio reviewed by Jose S. “This is one of my favorite books. I like to make animal noises so this book was perfect. The fact I can read the story in Spanish to my niece and make her laugh with the pop up animals is a great feeling. The book is well made and the pop ups are not flimsy. My niece loves this one the best, as I can always get a smile from her when I get to act out the animals. Thanks Le Toboggan :)”

La abuela no es peluquera, pero corta el pelo de primera reviewed by Jose S. “
great book. lovely and fun drawings. I like the fun story to go with it also. my mum loves reading it to my niece. It is great to be able to get this type of books in my native language as they are so hard to come by here in Perth. Le Toboggan was really smooth in getting the book to me. a definitely must.”

Letoboggan books



“Thank you for everything. I would also like to say Parabens pelo projeto!!!!Continuem!!!We were needing something like this in Australia.(..) Being able to buy our (Portuguese) books here is awesome.”  From Natalia R., on 2 June 2016.
“I have read your blog and articles and will continue to do so. They have helped a great deal!” From Sara G., on 3rd June 2016.

“I should tell you that your post inspired me to create a scavenger hunt for my daughter and her friend today. In fact, right now they’re running around the neighborhood (they’re 12), collecting items on the long list I made for them!

I’m sure your post will inspire other parents to take action, too! Thanks so much for your contribution to my blog!” From Adam B., on 23 November 2016.
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