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‘Hector, l’homme extraordinairement fort’

In French, from 4yo.

Hector is extraordinarily strong. He works in a circus and to impress his beloved Leopoldine he lifts up washing machines, elephants. Some in circus are very jealous.

Hector has a secret. He loves to knit and crochet. The jealous performers humiliate Hector by exposing his secret. Then, one day, comes a terrible storm. The strong winds take everything away even people’s clothes.

Can you guess how Hector saves the circus?

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WA Museum tours for children in French – 2022

Join us for a fantastic tour at the Museum.

Each visit will take us to a different area where will be learning through different interactive activities.

We will play and learn in a fun tour in French.

*’Origins’ – the universe with a WA perspective

Sunday 13 March – 10 to 11am – SOLD OUT / Second session at 11am.

*’Wildlife’ – learn about the Australian dinos

Sunday 8 May – 10 to 11 am


More dates available in a few weeks.

Cost: $20/child or $15/child Group of minimum 4


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‘Les heros du CP – attaque aux poux’

In French, from 6yo.

Panic at the school of the heroes. They have nits. Quick, they need to act fast. The teacher tells them all about the little insects and the parents are on a mission to eradicate the head lice.

Great book for children learning how to read in French. They can use the different tools such as a vocabulary page, a list with the most common words, some phonetics, the silent letters are shaded in grey and the ‘s’ are graphically linked to the following word to show how to read it all together, at the end there is also a fun activity to check the children have understood the story.

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‘Hello Paris’

Bilingual French-English, from 3yo.

Mia and her twin Mael are excited. They are spending the day in Paris waiting for their older brother to cross the finish line of the Tour de France in the Champs Elysees. While waiting they decide to go sightseeing. They take us to the Seine river, the Moulin Rouge, the Louvre, Orsay & Grevin Museums, Notre-Dame Cathedral and many mores places.

Great book to learn about landmarks in Paris but also food and customs, such as enjoying the sun at the beach in Paris.

To visit Paris with Mia and Mael go to

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‘Mon premier livre des questions-reponses: la science’

In French, from 4yo.

It an awesome book to learn about science with simple questions and answers.

What is science? What do scientists do? How do doctors know what is wrong when we are sick? Why is it easier to to ride a bike downhill? Why does sugar dissolve in water? Where can I see dinosaures? Where do scientists find their ideas? ….

To find out all the answers to those questions and many more visit

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‘Mon premier livre sur l’histoire’

In French, from 3yo.

It is never too early to learn about history. This fantastic books presents a summary of different periods with a page for the context, and another with tools, clothings, fun facts.

With this book you will learn about the Egyptians, Romans, Vikings, the Stone Age, Kings and people around the world throughout history.

For an entertaining time travel visit

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‘The wild washerwomen – Les lavandieres endiablees’

Bilingual French-English, from 3yo.

There was 7 washerwomen who washed dirty laundry all day long. Their boss is very mean and one day the washerwomen have enough and leave. They are wild and wander in town doing crazy things. They meet 7 woodcutters in the forest and decide to stay with them. All together wood and wash clothes in the river, but they have fun and have no boss anymore.

Illustrated by Quentin Blake, the wild washerwomen is an entertaining story.

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‘Le jardin d’Errol’

Bilingual French-English, from 2yo.

Errol dreams about having a garden. He is really good at growing plants and his apartment overflows with all sorts of plants. So he decides to speak with his neighbours and together build a garden on the roof of the building.

Errol’s garden is a beautiful story about growing vegetation in too often concrete surroundings. It is about getting to know one’s neighbours and together create a space everyone will enjoy.

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‘Marcel le cowboy – le heros du rodeo’

In French, from 6yo.

Marcel is a little cowboy and he really wants to compete in the rodeo. It is so hard when you are little. However, Marcel does not give up. He will ride the bronco, the bull and will throw the horseshoe.

Perfect for you readers.

Visit to find out about this funny cowboy’s adventures.

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In Spanish, from 1yo.

This is a funny story with frogs. Grogs making fun of frogs and then taking a dive in the water. Cute little story to get the children to count to 10 and laugh along.

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