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‘El mago de Oz’

In Spanish, from 3yo.

Rediscover this iconic classic in this shortened Spanish version. You will love the colourful illustrations. Dorothy thinks she lost when a tornado takes her and her dog to the magical land of Oz. The only way to go home is by following the yellow brick road. While on her way she will meet the Tin man, a scared lion, witches…

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‘Poisson d’avril’

In French, from 5yo.

Mila and Noe make paper fish to prank their friends at school during April’s fool day. They are very excited but become confused when all of a sudden no-one has a stuck origami fish on his back. Where did all the fish go?

Fun story, perfect for young readers. Silent letters are greyed out and and words with liaisons are identified.

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“Te aburres Minimoni?’

In Spanish, from 2yo.

Little Monica is bored. Maybe she should ask the bunny what she could do? Or the bat? The snake? The whale?

Another fun adventure by Minimoni, the little girl who was wondering what colour the kisses were?

Once again you will love Rocio Bonilla’s gorgeous illustrations.

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‘Qué animales!’

In Spanish, from 1yo.

Little elephant started school today but he did not like it. All the other children were different, no-one was like him. Someone ate their food in a messy way, others had 8 legs. He wants to make a friend who is just like him, grey, with big ears and a long nose.

This is a lovely story to learn about appreciating diversity. You might share several traits with your friends but still be different.

Got to to find out.

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‘The little prince – Japanese’

In Japanese, from 8yo.

The story follows a little boy thinking about friendship, love, loneliness. Rediscover a classic translated into Japanese.

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‘The Chinese New Year: the Nian monster’

In Chinese-Pinyin, from 6yo.

This little book comes with a CD-Rom and is designed for language learners who want to be able to read a story adapted to their level but also learn about the Chinese culture.

The Nian monster is a mythical creature who lived at the bottom of the sea. He had a lion head with a horn and was a fierce predator.

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In Spanish, from 2yo.

A little caveboy and he is bored in his cave. He decides to go out and explore. He, then discovers how pretty the sounds and the colours are around him, from the noise the frogs and the water make, to the colourful flowers and butterflies to the tasty and colourful fruit. Outside is an explosion for the senses. He goes back home and tells his family.

But everyone says ‘Ug’ and do not really understand what the little boy is trying to say. He goes to bed upset and comes up with a brilliant idea. Since he cannot describe what he felt with words he will paint his sensations on the wall of the family cave.

Cute and funny story, full of colours and imagination.

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‘Les heros du CP – attaque aux poux’

In French, from 6yo.

Panic at the school of the heroes. They have nits. Quick, they need to act fast. The teacher tells them all about the little insects and the parents are on a mission to eradicate the head lice.

Great book for children learning how to read in French. They can use the different tools such as a vocabulary page, a list with the most common words, some phonetics, the silent letters are shaded in grey and the ‘s’ are graphically linked to the following word to show how to read it all together, at the end there is also a fun activity to check the children have understood the story.

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