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‘Les fables de La Fontaine’

In French, from 3yo.

23 of the most famous fables by Jean de la Fontaine. Which one do you prefer? The cicada and the ant? The crow and the fox? The tortoise and the hare?….

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‘Buon compleanno, Elmer!’

In Italian, from 3yo.

Tomorrow is Elmer’s birthday. The other elephants want to play a trick and pretend they have forgotten about Elmer’s special day. However, the day does not go as planned and Elmer’s friends have to save the day.

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‘Hier is Elmer’

In Dutch, from 2yo.

Let us introduce Elmer the multicoloured elephant. He is not happy to be different and paints himself grey like the rest of the herd. Eventually, he understands that being different makes him very special.

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‘Mijn eerste woordjes voertuigen’

In Dutch, from 1yo.

Cute little book that you can take everywhere with you. Learn about the transport modes. On one page you will have the word and its illustration and on the other page, the word used in its context. Perfect to develop the children’s language skills.

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‘Dog Man si morde la coda’

In Italian, from 6yo.

Another hilarious story by the creator of Captain underpants. Petey the Cat it out of jail and is reassessing his life while Lil’ Petey struggles to find good in life.

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‘101 preguntas y respuestas – El espacio’

In Spanish, from 4yo.

This is a great resource to learn about space. What is a galaxy? What is the solar system? What is a meteorite? Why can we not land on Jupiter?

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‘Mein kleine freunde’

In German, from 0yo.

The cats want to eat the mouse, the cooks want to the pig and the fox wants to eat the chicken. The little three friends will no take this situation easily. Together they are stronger so they join forces to stand up to their enemies.

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‘Ile flottante’

In French, from 3yo.

You liked ‘Pole Nord, Pole Sud’ then you will love ‘Ile Flottante’. The two penguins friends are sad. their boat is broken and they cannot afford the repairs. They decide to go fishing but the ice they are on cracks and drifts away. While trying to find a solution on the shrinking ice, they discover a treasure. They send a message with a puffin to the other penguins. Together will they bring the treasure home and fix he boat?

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‘Zoe cherche son copain Germain’

In French, from 1yo.

Zoe is looking for her friend Germain. She looks everywhere but he remains unfound. Is he at the market? At home? At the playground? Let’s explore the city with Zoe.

This cute book comes with 15 flaps to make the reading more entertaining and interactive.

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‘The little red riding hood’

In Japanese, from 1yo.

Rediscover the classic tale with little format book that you will take everywhere with you. You will love the colourful illustrations. You will also find in the same collection “Pinocchio’ and ‘Peter Pan’.

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