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‘Los numeros – numbers’

Los numeros - numbers le toboggan

Bilingual Spanish-English, from 1yo.

Gorgeous board book with fun illustrations to teach your little one how to count in Spanish and in English. Each numbers comes with a search and find activity. You can also review the colours.

For more info visit

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‘Toupeira pega o ceu’

Toupeira pega o ceu

Bilingual Portuguese-English, from 2yo.

Mole lives underground and she would like to bring some light in her dark home. She goes to the surface and tries to catch a little of sky. Her friends will help her to catch some wind for fresh air and some sun for the warmth.

Gorgeous story about friendship and helping each other.

To find out how mole and her friends manage to bring the elements in her tunnel go to

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‘Riese Rick macht sich schick’

Riese Rick macht sich schick

In German, from 4yo.

A Julia Donaldson’s classic. Rick is a giant who wants to change his old tunic for new clothes. He goes to the tailor in town and come out of the shop dressed elegantly. On his way home he meets with different animals that are in terrible need. The giraffe has a sore throat so Rick gives her his tie. The goat needs new sails for her boat, Rick gives her his shirt and the sock to the fox for a comfortable sleeping bag. Soon he has almost given all his pretty clothes away. He returns to town to get his tunic back but the tailor’s shop is closed. Rick is sad because he is half-dressed and cold. Fortunately, the animals he helped have a surprise to thank him for his kindness.

To find out more visit

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‘Vous connaissez la rue verte?’

Vous connaissez la rue verte

In French, from 4yo.

Gorgeous book about a little girl who lives in Green street. She introduces us to all her neighbours, from the old man and his dog, to two female partners who want to get married, the postman who collects and stamps and anecdotes…

We discover the inhabitant of her street through her eyes. A child’s point of view who does make any judgement.

It is an inclusive and refreshing book. Beautiful story. To find out more visit

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‘My First Book of Hindi Words: An ABC rhyming book’

My First Book of Hindi Words: An ABC rhyming book

Bilingual Hindi-English, from 3yo.

Learn Hindi words with a rhyming ABC. Your child will love the colourful illustrations.

“C for Chai. A hot cup of tea– with milk and sugar, made just for me.”

To start learning Hindi go to

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‘Les animaux – animals’

Les animaux - animals

Bilingual French-English, from 1yo.

Gorgeous board book to teach little children about animals in French. Each double page comes with vocabulary, gorgeous illustrations and a seek and find activity. The latter increases the engagement of the little ready by making him/her more involved in the reading process.

To get your copy visit

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‘Corre, pequeno Chaski’

Corre, pequeno Chaski le toboggan

In Spanish, from 4yo.

Beautiful picture book where a little boy who wants to become a chasqui or messenger is given an important mission by the Qoya, the queen. He needs to run on the Inca trail and deliver a Quipu with important information to the Inka king before Inti, the sun, sets down in the mountains. It is a long and dangerous trek. On his way, he stops several times to help animals, such as a condor, a llama. Will he deliver the message on time?

To learn about quechua words used at the times of the Inka and some of their traditions go to

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‘Les nouveaux pirates’

les nouveaux pirates le toboggan

In French, from 6yo.

A family goes on holidays when they realised the youngest son is not in the car. Where could he be? Well he decided he wanted to be a pirate and finds a pirate ship. A. special pirate ship with pirate ghosts. The boy had a great imagination and takes us in funny adventures. The pirates are not so happy about this little boy giving orders left and right. Fortunately, he is finally found by his family but being the captain of a pirate ship is more fun.

To go on a crazy and funny adventure go to

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‘Keine angst vor lowen’

keine angst vor lowen

In German, from 3yo.

Mira is afraid to go to the toilets. When her dad asks her why. She answers that she does not want to fall in the hole, that there is a monster sitting on the toilet and a lion. This book is about little one facing their fears and using their imagination to justify them.

For more information go to

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‘Bakery whiskerville’

bakery whiskerville le toboggan

In Greek, from 6mo.

This cute little board book will take you to Whiskerville. A busy town full of mice. In this story, we are exploring the bakery. Your child will enjoy the gorgeous illustrations and will learn new vocabulary.

For more information visit