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‘Alice nella torta’

alice nella torta

In Italian, from 1yo.

Alice is cheeky. In this adventure, she finds herself on a birthday cake. What a dream, isn’t it? Maybe not, how will she get out of this sticky situation.

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‘Grande i Buffo. Accidenti ai prepotenti’

grande e buffo accidenti ai prepotenti

In Italian, from 7yo.

Polar bear moves in the valley and expects everyone to treat him as royalty and build him a palace. Who is going to tell this huge and bossy bear that his arrogance is not welcome?

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‘Wenn du eine Sternschnuppe siehst, wünsch dir was’

Wenn du eine Sternschnuppe siehst wünsch dir was

In German, from 2yo

Little mole feels lonely. He decides to make a snow bear who becomes his friend. They walk together in the snow and try to catch a bus but the driver would not let them on. He sees a shooting star and makes a wish.

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‘La familia bola’

la familia bola

In Spanish, from 4yo.

The Ball family is made of little bugs who live under a theatre. They are not colourful or pretty bugs. They make up by wearing colourful clothes. After watching the shows of the theatre, they decide to create they own little theatre ‘Les varietes’. They will dance, sing, act, juggle, play music and do magic tricks.

What a wonderful world!

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In Italian, from 2yo.

Amazing board book to introduce your children to space explorers from around the world. Learn about Galileo Galilei, the Italian astronomer; Katherine Johnson, the American mathematician; Valentina Tereshkova, the Russian astronaut and Neil Armstrong, the American astronaut.

This little book with its flaps will make learning about this incredible achievements an interactive experience.

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‘Martine se dispute’

martine se dispute

In French, from 3yo.

Martine and her brother fight like all siblings do. Then, her brother gets hurt and Martine feels bad.

‘Je commence a lire avec Martine’ is a collection of the infamous Martine’s stories published in a larger font to assist children learning how to read in French.

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‘Les pompiers’

les pompiers

In French, from 3yo.

Learn everything about firefighters. What they were, their training, what their daily life is, how they put out fires. Gorgeous first encyclopaedia with colourful illustrations, flaps and vocabulary. This book belong to the series ‘My first encyclopaedia’ which is perfect to expand the vocabulary on a specific topic.

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‘Das Ding! – Ein etwas anderes Töpfchenbuch’

In German, from 1yo.

The animals at the farm find a strange object. They wonder what it is? Is it a seat? A hat? A drinking container? No-one really knows until the little boy arrives.

Introduce potty training with this funny story. The book is beautifully illustrated in bright colours.

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‘Ne laissez pas le pigeon conduire le bus’

In French, from 2yo.

This is another hilarious story of the pigeon. This time he wants to drive the bus. Why not? He cousin does it and he promises he will be careful.

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‘O patinho feio’

In Portuguese, from 2yo.

A mommy duck’s egg hatch and one of the duckling is quite different from his siblings. Everyone finds him ugly. He is sad, he decides to leave the nest. During his journey various birds find him ugly as they have never seen a duckling like him before. One day he is sees swans and wishes he could be as beautiful and graceful as they were. The swans approach and asked him why he is alone, the duckling tells them it is because everyone finds him ugly and does not belong. The swans, then, tell him he belongs with the sane and will grow to be beautiful and graceful too.

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