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‘Gioco dell’ABC: Trova le parole’

trova la parole le toboggan

In Italian, from 3yo.

Teach basic Italian vocabulary and and early literacy in a playful way. Match the tokens with the images with the first letter of the word and for older children match the picture with the word.

This game shows that learning is fun.

Learn your first words in Italian with this wonderful game, get yours her

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‘Gli animali della savana’

In Italian, from 6mo.

Your little ones will love this colourful board book introducing the animals of the savanna. The illustrations are gorgeous and you can easily ask the child to point at the animals on each page. A book you can take everywhere with you.

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In Italian, from 9mo.

Gorgeous board book to learn about dinosaurs. Learn fun facts, move the sliding parts and seek and find the dinos. The illustrations are colourful and fun. The young learners will enjoy manipulating the book while learning about their favourite dinosaurs.

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‘Signor Gufo e la festa del bosco’

signor gufo e la festa del bosco - le toboggan

In Italian, from 1yo.

It is nighttime and all the animals are asleep in the forest. Well, not all the animals. There are lights and noise in the forest. Who could it be? Miss Fox takes Mr Owl to a concert. The nocturnal animals are singing and dancing in this beautiful night.

The children are given instructions before turning each page. The story is sweet, interactive and comes with a little light that children can activate on each double page.

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‘Riccioli d’oro e i tre orsi’

Bilingual Italian-English, from 3yo.

Goldilocks wanders in the forest and sees a little house. Once inside, she helps herself to the food cooling down on the table and gets comfortable for an afternoon nap. She did not know that the house belong to a family of bears.

Find out what happens

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‘Orsetto Bruno fa la pizza’

In Italian, from 1yo.

Gorgeous little board book that will teach young readers how to make a pizza. Help brown bear by making the dough, flatten it, add the ingredients and cook the pizza.

Children can turn wheels and pull flaps to see how each step of the recipe changes the illustrations.

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‘Alice nella torta’

alice nella torta

In Italian, from 1yo.

Alice is cheeky. In this adventure, she finds herself on a birthday cake. What a dream, isn’t it? Maybe not, how will she get out of this sticky situation.

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‘Grande i Buffo. Accidenti ai prepotenti’

grande e buffo accidenti ai prepotenti

In Italian, from 7yo.

Polar bear moves in the valley and expects everyone to treat him as royalty and build him a palace. Who is going to tell this huge and bossy bear that his arrogance is not welcome?

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In Italian, from 2yo.

Amazing board book to introduce your children to space explorers from around the world. Learn about Galileo Galilei, the Italian astronomer; Katherine Johnson, the American mathematician; Valentina Tereshkova, the Russian astronaut and Neil Armstrong, the American astronaut.

This little book with its flaps will make learning about this incredible achievements an interactive experience.

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