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April’s virtual Spanish story time

Today we are learning how to count to 10 with Dracula.

We are learning the colours with De que color es un beso?

and about the animals with El libro de la selva.

Happy listening! If you know someone who would like to watch the stories let them know about us.

Soon we will upload our virtual French story time.

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‘First words Mandarin flashcards’

Bilingual English-Mandarin, from 4yo.

Fun way to learn Mandarin with these 50 double-sided flashcards. One side shows a drawing representing the word, on the other side there is the word in English, Mandarin, pinyin and written phonetically. Still not sure about the pronunciation you can hear each word spoken aloud on the free Lonely Planet Kid pronunciation guide.

For more information visit

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‘Je suis en CP – 11 histoires pour toute l’annee’

In French, from 6yo.

Great book for learning how to read in French. The text is in black and the silent letters at the end of the words in grey. New vocabulary is highlighted in a different colour too. 11 stories about the school year. For example, read about recess, the substitute, lice, the class pet, etc…. After each stories there are a little poem and an activity promoting observation skills.

For more information visit

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In Hindi, from 2yo.

Rediscover this classic tale in an abridged version in Hindi. Gepetto makes wooden toys and one day he make a boy puppet. He wished he had a boy. A fairy comes at night and gives life to the boy puppet, Pinocchio. Gepetto is very happy and wants a normal life for his son. He send Pinocchio to school. Pinocchio meets a couple of thugs on the way to school and he is promised lots of fun if he goes with them. From then on, all goes from bad to worse… Will Pinocchio find his way back to Gepetto?

For more information visit

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‘Mis pequenos miedos’

In Spanish, from 2yo.

When you are little there are so many scary things out there. If you are lucky, your older sister will tell about all the things she afraid of when she was your age and she will teach you all the tricks to overcome your fears.

For more information visit

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‘Valentina tiene dos casas’

In Spanish, from 2 yo.

Valentina has two houses. She spends one week at mom’s house, then another week at dad’s house. She has two beds, many toys in both houses, but sometimes the person you want is not there.

Gorgeous book to assist children with their parent’s separation. Valentina has two houses but both her parents love her very much.

For more information visit

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‘Snow white’

In Hindi, from 3yo.

Abridged version of the classic tale in Hindi. Reading stories children are familiar with in other languages is beneficial as they tend to be more reluctant to listening. It is a good way to build vocabulary.

For more information visit

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Museum visits from home

We are soon to be all in lockdown and we need a few ideas to keep our children busy. Let’s use some screen time to visit a few museums and monuments around the world (all in English):

MUSEO NACIONAL DE CIENCIAS NATURALES in Madrid. Check out the online exhibits.

NATIONAL MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY in Washington. Enjoy a virtual tour.



MACHU PICCHU in Peru, from the sky.



Let’s remember that learning and exploring is fun.

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COVID-19 update


We value your health and well being. Until further restrictions are announced we have taken the following measures:

Language workshops

Have been suspended at the playgroups and are maintained at the schools and at El Asador restaurant until schools are closed down. Private tutoring is delivered now via virtual class whenever possible.


Visits to the playgroups, language mother groups are suspended. Attendance to public events is suspended until further notice.

French and Spanish story times are now virtual, visit to watch our first virtual French story time.

Contactless deliveries within Perth metro are maintained. Orders Australia wide are shipped within 2 business days as usual.

The above actions will be updated as required.

From our family to yours, stay safe and healthy.

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‘Papa pinguino’

In Italian, from 3yo.

You will love this beautiful and fun illustrations of the everyday life of a daddy penguin.

For more information visit