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‘Harmony day with the Goethe society of WA’

It was a real pleasure to contribute to the Goethe Society’s celebration for Harmony day.

After spending some time with the parents watching all German speaking children play different games, we had a taste of several yummy German food, including Pretzels.

I then read books in French and in Spanish. It was an interactive session where there were exchanges of words in German, French and Spanish. We try to guess words in one of those 3 languages and I could tell some were made up even when it was in German.

Christine Reger, the language coordinator, kindly mentioned us in her article in the April issue of the Treffpunkt (page 3).

I look forward to collaborating on more events promoting multiculturalism in Perth and in Australia.

Le toboggan

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‘Histoires a lire avec papa et maman en pyjama’

In French, from 2yo.

Cute book with 3 stories perfect for bedtime, mom and dad can take turns to read. Great way to wind down before falling asleep. Children will love the colourful illustrations and the bonding moment.

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‘Ninja Kid’

In Spanish, from 6yo.

Nelson feels he does not belong. He does not wear cool clothes. However, one day he has to save the world. Fortunately, he discovers he is a ninja and thanks to is grandma’s inventions and support from his cousin, he is ready to save the city.

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Le toboggan bookstore

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‘My first book of Greek words’

Bilingual Greek-English, from 1yo.

Fun book to learn you first words in Greek. This bilingual book places the vocabulary in its context. It takes you to the garden, the city, a family reunion, etc….

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‘Topo y raton – dias de sol’

In Spanish, from 3yo.

Mole and Mouse are best friends despite their differences. They like to have fun and share their daily experiences. Today Mouse is falling in love.

To find out more about Mole and Mouse’s friendship visit

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‘Le bonhomme et l’oiseau’

From 1yo, In French.

Sweet story about a snowman in a terribly cold winter and a little bird. Tender story of an unexpected friendship. Children will love the beautiful illustrations.

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‘Piu svelto bradipo’

In Italian, from 6mo.

Sloth is slowly driving back home. Hurry up Sloth, a surprise is awaiting! Gorgeous book with cute illustrations and sounds to make the reading more fun and interactive.

To find out about the surprise Sloth’s friends prepared for him visit

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‘A Russian book of opposites’

In Russian, from 6mo.

Learn the opposites in Russian with this colourful book. Each concept is illustrated and the words are written in the Cyrillic and Western alphabets so young children can learn how to recognise the letters.

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‘Mi primera enciclopedia’

In Spanish, from 4yo.

Beautiful book first encyclopaedia will explain many topics about science, animals, technologies, nature. The articles are well written designed to make it easy for children to understand and learn the concepts. There are many realistic illustrations as visual aids.

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