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‘Zog e i medici volante’

In Italian, from 4yo.

Zog, our favourite dragon, is off on in another adventure with the princess and knight doctors. He flies them over the whole kingdom to assist the sick.

To travel along Zog and the flying doctors visit

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‘Toy story: Mysterious Dinosaur World’

In Japanese, from 8yo.

Includes three works from the “Toy Story Mysterious Dinosaur World” that explores the adventures of Trixie who have entered the fighting dinosaur toy set. Familiar characters will make an outstanding performance! “Toy Story of Terror!” Is a story of toys that meet horrifying eyes at the motel at night, depicting the struggle of Buzz who has replaced the bonus doll Mini Buzz at a fast food restaurant.

For more information visit

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‘Warrior cats – in die Wildnis’

In German, from 10yo.

Cats are gathering in the forest to form gangs. Domestic cats are joining them. As the gang numbers grow larger the resources become more scarce. Fights for food are becoming common.

Great story to get the older readers motivated in reading in their mother tongue.

For more information visit

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‘Le système solaire’

In French, from 8yo.

Learn everything about stars, planets, nebulae and moons with this book. It is infirmative and the pictures are beautiful. It is also full on fun facts to make the reading more interactive. The book comes with a DVD of the science TV show ‘C’est pas sorcier’.

For more information visit

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2021 French & Spanish story times

We are back in 2021 at the City of Perth Library, Hay Street, with more wonderful stories in Spanish and i French.

Everyone is welcome, non speakers too.

Here are the dates for the first 6 months. the remainder of the year will be updated in a few months.


6th Jan / 3rd Feb / 3rd March / 7th April / 5th May / 2nd June


20th Jan / 17th Feb / 17th March / 21st Apr / 12th May / 16th June

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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‘Pimpa, nuvole a primavera’

In Italian. from 3yo.

Pimpa, the cute Italian dog, is teaching us about spring. Each double page contains a fact about spring and a question to make the reading of the book more interactive. Our young readers will like the colourful illustrations.

For more information visit

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‘O leão que dizia sempre que não’

In Portuguese, from 1yo.

The little lion is contradictory and keeps saying no! What is going to change his mind and finally make him say yes!

For more information visit

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‘Billie B Brown es muy buena’

In Spanish, from 8yo.

Billie B Brown is now a big sister. She is happy at first then she is getting less attention than before and she is now jealous.

For more information visit

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‘Pierre et le loup – mini conte avec gommettes’

In French, from 3yo.

Cute little format for this classic tale ‘Peter and the wolf’. Peter is bored up the mountain looking after sheep. He decides to cry “Wolf!”. The whole village comes up the mountain to help him fend off an attack by the wolf. The villagers find no danger and go back to their homes. Peter cries wolf again. The villagers come up to assist him only to find a bored Peter. The villagers are angry and do no longer trust Peter.

Now the wolf is really here and Peter cries for help. However the villagers do not believe him anymore. What will happen?

The book comes with stickers that children must place to illustrate the story.

To find out visit

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‘Tagebuch eines wombat’

In German, from 1yo.

Diary of a wombat is funny and adorable. What does Wombat do during his week. He sleeps, scratches, sleeps again, goes to find some food, naps…

Fore more information visit