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‘The very hungry caterpillar’

the very hungry caterpillar

Bilingual Arabic-French, from 1yo.

Follow our caterpillar eating through a variety of foods before pupating and becoming a gorgeous butterfly. This is the perfect books to practise language skills with foods items, days of the week, day and night and colours.

For more information visit

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‘I love to go to daycare’

i love to go to daycare

Bilingual Farsi-English, from 3yo.

Going to daycare can be scary. Little bunny is going to learn that it can also be fun. At daycare, he will meet new friends, do activities that he does not at home and best of all, play a lot.

This bilingual book is a great way to expand your child’s vocabulary in Farsi and make him speak about his day. Does he do the same things than bunny does?

For more information visit

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2024 term 3 French and Spanish classes for children

Le toboggan term 3 language classes

Start on Saturday 20 July. The classes run for one hour.

8.30 – Spanish for children 6+

9.30 – Spanish for children 3-6yo

10.30 – French for children 3-6yo – BOOKED OUT

11.30 – French for children 6+

$22/child/class or $33/2 siblings/class

FREE trial class

Location: 3/168 Hampden road, Nedlands

Children learn vocabulary and practise their language skills through songs, games, role play, craft and other activities according to their age.

Email for more information.

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‘Elephant island’

Elephant island le toboggan

In Chinese, from 3yo.

After a storm, Elephant is washed away on an island. He cries for help and a little mouse offers to take him home on her boat. Unfortunately, the boat is not strong enough for both of them and breaks. Crocodile and dog see the shipwreck but cannot help them. The four animals are now all stuck together on the island. This lovely story is beautifully illustrated with a mix of blues, greys and vivid reds.

To find out how elephant get off the island visit

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‘De waanzinnige boomhut van verdiepingen’

de waanzinnige boomhut van der 13 verdiepingen

In Dutch, from 6yo.

Explore the first two tomes of the adventures of Andy and Terry in their 13- and 26-storey treehouse. This is the most amazing treehouse in the world. it has a swimming pool, a tank with sharks, a giant catapult, a secret lab and many more things to explore.

To go on an adventure visit

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‘Marco Polo’

marco polo

In Italian, from 1yo.

Marco Polo loved watching the sea when he was young. When he turned 17, he travelled to China with father. They were going to meet with Ghengis Khan, the imperor of Mongolia. They travelled during 4 years, they crossed seas, climbed mountains and went through deserts. He worked at the service of the emperor for 17 years, he went back to his home city Venice. He wrote a books about his amazing adventure while in prison.

To learn more about Marco’s fantastic life visit

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‘El paseo del mar’

El paseo del mar

In Spanish, from 3yo.

This book with its original format, it opens like an accordion, tell us a story about how great is to be different. The sea wants to travel, so it goes to the sky. It lives in the sky and when it rains the water is salty. What is it? A fish riding a bike? An octopus gives the best massages. The illustrations are a mix of colourful and black and white drawings.

To find out more visit

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‘Il piccolo libre delle bestioline’

il piccolo libro delle bestioline

In Italian, from 1yo.

This is an amazing board book to learn about all the bugs and other animals who live in our gardens. Follow the snail and see the colourful ladybirds fly around, the buzzing of the bees, the ants marching and many more… The illustrations are gorgeous.

To join the snail’s journey visit

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Coming up in July!

holiday program Le toboggan

School holidays are fast approaching and here is our language program.

We offer story time in French, Spanish and Italian, Olympic Games workshops in the three languages and book clubs in French and Spanish.

Spanish story times – Wed 3 at 11am the City of Perth Library & Saturday 6 at 2pm at 3/168 Hampden road, Nedlands

French story times – Wed 17 at 11am at the City of Perth Library and Sat 27 at 2.30pm at 3/168 Hampden road, Nedlands.

Italian story time – Sat at 2pm in Nedlands

Olympic Games workshops – Sat 6 at 9am in French & at 11.15am in Spanish & Sat 13 at 11am in Italian in Nedlands

Book clubsSpanish 3 July at 1pm and French 10 at 1pm in Nedlands

Polymer Clay workshop in Spanish on Tuesday 9 at 3.45pm in Nedlands

Bookings not required for the story times.

Book clubs

Olympic Games

Polymer Clay

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’13 histoires maboules de princesses et chevaliers’

13 histoires maboules de princesses

In French, from 4yo.

Hilarious book presenting the world of princesses and knights in 13 crazy stories. Have you heard of a princess who defeats a knight on a horse with her braid? Did you know that kissing frogs does not work? Only the right princess can find her prince by kissing frogs. Do you know of sleeping beauty? Well, in this book you will read about snoring (woods) beauty.

To dive into the crazy world of the princesses and knights, visit