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‘Scorri gli eroi inventori’


In Italian, from 2yo.

Great book to teach about inventors in the target language. This cute board book gives facts about Archimedes, Hedy Lamarr, Patricia Bath and George Stephenson. The book is interactive, young readers will enjoy turning wheels and pulling flaps and will love the colourful illustrations.

For more information visit

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‘Muhammad Ali’

Muhammad Ali

In Spanish, from 4yo.

When he was a little boy, Muhammad Ali got his bike stolen. He wanted to fight the thief but a policeman told him to learn how to box first. He went on training really hard. He was powerful and very clever. His work ethic and talent led him to win the prestigious title ‘Heavyweight Champion of the Word’.

To find out more about his amazing story go to

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‘Hip, hop’

Hip, hop

Bilingual Arabic-English, from 6mo.

The birds tweets and the dog barks. Find out what noises other animals make. This gorgeous little board book will keep your child entertain for a little while. He will learn about animals, their noises and colours.

To get your copy go to

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‘Mrs Honey’s hat’

Mrs Honey's hat

In Greek, from 2yo.

What is happening to Mrs Honey’s hat? This funny story is perfect to learn vocabulary with its repetitive text as well as the days of the week. Ask your little one to describe the differences between the hats.

To find out more about Mrs Honey’s hat visit

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‘Je peux m’asseoir au milieu ?’

Je peux m'asseoir au milieu

In French, from 1yo.

Gorgeous story about a child trying to read a story to a zebra, a lion, a mouse and a cat. But whenever she starts reading, there is an interruption, the stork was not ready, the goldfish also wants to listen in, the rhino has lost something….

Will the child end up reading the story in this chaotic situation? Find out here

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‘Si pagong at si matsing’

si pagong at si matsing

Bilingual Tagalog-English, from 4yo.

Read this traditional tale of a cunning monkey and a clever tortoise. Both are very competitive and it gets worse when they both decide to settle on the same banana tree. Who will win the battle?

To find out who is the cleverest the monkey or the tortoise visit

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‘Kleine freunde’

Kleine freunde

In German, from 6mo.

Having friends, even little ones, make you stronger and more confident. Why would the mouse be afraid of cats or the chicken afraid of the foxes? This cute little board book is a gorgeous friendship story.

For find out more visit

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‘Le loup qui explorait Paris’

le loup explore Paris

In French, from 4yo.

Wolf loves the quiet of his forest. He hates the city. But when his friend tells him that she will go to Paris with or without him. She leaves him a clue and he’d better find her. He has no choice but to embark his friends on this adventure. They go to Paris and explore the busy street and the beautiful landmarks. Will you recognise the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and the Arc of Triumph.

Check out what other places the wolf visits

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‘El hipopotamo aprende a nadar’

El hipopotamo aprende a nadar

In Spanish, from 6yo.

Little hippo is afraid of the water and does not want to learn how to swim. His friend, the monkey, makes him floaties. The little hippo is having so much fun paddling up and the down the river, he does not even realised that his floaties were undone.

Great book to learn how to read with large letters and activities after the story to test the understanding of the story.

To find out more visit

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‘Dov’ è il coniglietto?’

Dov' è il coniglietto?

In Italian, from 8 mo.

Where is the bunny? Pull the flaps and find out. Where in the forest is he? Follow the path? Look for the signs? Do you see a bunny? Go across the bridge. Is he here?

Fun little book that takes your little one on a seek and find adventure. To see if you can find the bunny visit