At Le toboggan, we believe in offering quality language resources for children 0 to 18 years old.
Our kids’ books are carefully curated by Filipa to suit bilingual children, such as hers, children exposed to a foreign language and schools (Scotch College, Geelong College, Lyndhurst PS, Augusta PS, Al Siraat College, St Patrick’s College…). We promote multiculturalism and literacy by bringing world stories to young readers in English and in languages other than English.

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Back to school!

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Back to school! In a fortnight children in Australia will start the school new year. It is a very exciting time in our household as our son is going to pre-primary and our daughter is starting kindy. Everyone is excited! We have resources in several

Book review: ‘Bodzio nad Meatball’

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In Polish, from 6yo. Do you need a laugh? This book is for you Bodzio and his friend Meatball are organising a soccer game between aliens and humans. Who will win? For more information visit http://bit.ly/2z9IIGt

Book review: ‘La fattoria da toccare’

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In Italian, from 0yo. This beautiful touch and feel book is perfect for little readers. Learn fun facts about the farm animals while touching the different textures. Which one will be your favourite? Also great to learn colours. For more information

Book review: ‘Cual es este animal de bosque?’

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In Spanish, from 0yo. Beautiful board books, perfect for little hands. Guess what animal it is? They all live in the forest. The illustrations are contemporary, colourful and original. For more information click here.

Book review: ‘Masha and the Bear’

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in English, from 6yo. Beautiful tale from Russia. Masha is a little girl who is picking berries at the edge of the forest. She knows she is not allowed to get deeper into the forest as she might get lost. Her basket is only half full and her siblings

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2017 Top 20 best sellers

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Here are your favourite top 20 resources that you have chosen in 2017. Happy reading! Click here for the display.    

Book review: ‘La brume de Lima’

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In French, from 12yo. This is a moving book about Josefina Condori’ s life. She lives in Peru and she made her job to find the parents of the ‘invisibles’. Those called like this are abandoned children who very often live in the str

Book review: ‘Odong-Odong Dongeng: Kucing & Anjing’

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In Indonesian, from 0yo. This cute board book is about an unlikely friendship. Cats and dogs hate each other and live in cities separated by a wall. One day Cat’s ball fly over the wall and Dog’s paper plane flies to the Cat’s side.

Book review: ‘Een vrolijk boek in Dribbel-vorm!’

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In Dutch, from 0yo. Who does not like Spot? This cute puppy who wants to learn many things along with his friends. This cutout board book is very popular with our young readers. For more information visit http://bit.ly/2oDm6xP