At Le toboggan, we believe in offering quality language resources for children 0 to 18 years old.
Our kids’ books are carefully curated by Filipa to suit bilingual children, such as hers, children exposed to a foreign language and schools (Scotch College, Geelong College, Lyndhurst PS, Augusta PS, Al Siraat College, St Patrick’s College…). We promote multiculturalism and literacy by bringing world stories to young readers in English and in languages other than English.

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Book review: ‘Ya soy mayor! Fuera pañales!’

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In Spanish, from 2yo. Cute board board to teach children about toilet training. It is not comfortable to be smelly and wet. It is better to go on the potty but be careful, once can be easily distracted when playing! Just listen to your body and you k

The Culture Kid – The bilingual advantage: 10 STRATEGIES LEADING LANGUAGE EXPERTS ARE TEACHING IN 2018

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Shannon Kelly from the Cultured Kid has interviewed 10 experts in raising bilingual children and asked them for tips. We proudly contributed by offering the following advice: “When deciding to raise your children in multilingual environment hav

Histoires d’animaux de la jungle a lire avec papa et maman

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In French, from 2yo. Three cute jungle stories about animals helping each other despite their differences. A little spider who has 10 legs and has a hard time riding friends. Will she save the other spiders who are about to drown? A little monkey who

O livro da selva

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In Portuguese, from 2yo. Let’s rediscover this children’s favourite tale: The Jungle book. Mowgli in the Indian jungle trying to escape the fierce tiger Shere Khan. Reading familiar stories in another language is a great way to promote la

El ogro maloliente

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In Spanish, from 2yo. Funny story about Paula, a little girl, who has always wondered what laid inside the toilet bowl. One day, she calls out and a smelly ogre comes out. A fairy put him inside the toilet bowl to punish him for being so naughty. He

Ecris, efface! Mon premier ABC

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In French, from 3yo. This wipeable activity book is great to practise tracing letters and master the pensil grip, as well as learn how to spell French words. With this small format, this book fits easily in a handbag and can be taken everywhere. For

‘Os ultimos da Terra’

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In Portuguese, from 16yo. In a post apocalyptic world Ann Burden is completely alone. For the past year, she has lived in a remote valley with no evidence of any other survivors. But the smoke from a distant campfire shatters Ann’s solitude. Someon

Book review: ‘Nos divertimos con la ciencia’

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In Spanish, from 4 yo. First Place Winner in the category of Best Educational Children’s Picture Book – Spanish or Bilingual for the 2013 International Latino Book Awards. Enjoy practicing Spanish while having fun with these amazing and easy to d

‘Skip through the seasons’

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In English, from 2yo. Great seek and find book. Each page has a list of items that your child has to find. See how the landscapes changes month by month according to the seasons. For more information visit http://bit.ly/2gXwHf0