Introduce your toddler to Spanish words such as ‘book – los libros’, ‘lady – la dama’ and ‘friend – el amigo’.

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When Curious George makes some cute bunny friends, one of the babies gets away! George uses a string to help get the bunny back to its mother, and discovers that strings can also be used for fishing a

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A bilingual first words collection with a twist: this unique book combines storytelling with English and Spanish vocabulary building as young readers follow the adventures of the Palabra family as the

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Box set with 9 mini books in which children will learn everyday vocabulary both in Spanish and English.

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Perfect for pre-schoolers, this board book version of the popular “Milet Picture Dictionary” features similar vibrant artwork in a simpler format for younger children.

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Prepare your child for the arrival of a new sibling

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The arrival of a sibling can be quite difficult depending on their age and understanding of the situation. In our case, my son was only 16-month-old and was not really aware of what to an only child meant. Therefore when his sister arrived, he ig

Book review: “Rita comienza el colegio”

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Rita is starting school and she needs to pack her back. Help Rita to find her shoes, carrot, sunglasses, crayons, etc…by lifting the flaps at each page and make sure you are not forgetting anything with the checklist. From 3yo, in Spanish only.

Back to school: educational books for language promotion

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Children are back to school and this is a great opportunity to reinforce those language skills. Teaching children your language through themes they are interested in or expand their language skills through new topics, ideally subjects that they are

Summer readings – Language: Polish

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Last but not least of our language summer reading ideas. Today we are reading Polish books: Rok W Miescie / A year in the city – Explore the city throughout the year and see the changes month by month. Sobowtor / Double – Romance story i

Summer readings: Language – Indonesian

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Summer is here and a book is always a good idea to take with you everywhere. Here are our suggestions for your young ones reading in Indonesian. Tintin’s adventures – we currently carry 9 titles such as Tintin Di Congo, Tintin Dan Picaros

Summer readings: language – Italian

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Summer is a great time to catch up on our reading time with the children. Days are longer and sometimes it is just too hot for outdoor activities. Our suggestions for you: Le raccolte Giulio Coniglio – activity books fun of fun puzzles, riddles

Summer reading: language – German

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Summer is a great time to get your children to read everywhere and do fun and creative activities. Language: German Here are a few suggestions for you: The “Spezialwissen” collection is made of 4 small format books that will fit inside yo

We are starting school – fun books for an exciting day

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My son is about to start kindergarten and I must admit that I am as excited as he is. He is a big boy now. However, school can be a new environment for many children and as anything new it can be scary. They will have to get use to faces, make new fr

Spanish workshops for young learners

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Spanish workshops starting soon! Enrolment is now open. Our language workshops are designed for children 3 to 6.  We learn the language through songs, games and craft activities.  What? We use different themes and cultural events to teach Spanish,