At Le toboggan, we believe in offering quality language resources for children 0 to 18 years old.
Our kids’ books are carefully curated by Filipa to suit bilingual children, such as hers, children exposed to a foreign language and schools (Scotch College, Geelong College, Lyndhurst PS, Augusta PS, Al Siraat College, St Patrick’s College…). We promote multiculturalism and literacy by bringing world stories to young readers in English and in languages other than English.

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Book review: ‘Submarino al rescate!’

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In Spanish, from 2yo. Gorgeous pop down book. A fishing boat return to the wharf with bad news. A dolphin is stuck in a fishing net. No time to lose for Captain Panda and his crew. Let’s get the submarine ready to go and save the dolphin. What

Book review: ‘The Zazoo: Let’s discover London!’

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Bilingual English-French, from 2yo. Let’s visit London with this bilingual book. The Zazoos will take you the landmarks of this beautiful city, such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Picadilly Circus ….while riding the tube, a double Decker

Book review: ‘El huerto de Pico el erizo’

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In Spanish, from 2yo. It is spring and it is time to plant some carrot seeds in the veggie patch. Let’s help Pico the hedgehog with the painting, watering and the harvest. Gorgeous board book with flaps and sliding parts. For more information v

Book review: ’16 inventos muy, muy importantes’

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In Spanish, from 8yo. Great book to learn about 16 important inventions such as: Tools and the wheel, how to use the wind, writing and printing technology, telescopes, steam engine, trains, submarines, the phone, the gramophone, the cinema, the autom

Book review: ‘Kuckuck, wer knabbert da?’

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In German, from 0yo. Peek-a-boo who is nibbling pollen? Who is nibbling a hazel? Who is nibbling an apple?… Small format book perfect for little hands. Each page is a guessing game. Lift the flap to find out who is nibbling what? For more infor

Book review: ‘Una cucharadita para…’

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In Spanish, from 2yo. Cute popup that will motivate even the most difficult eater. Conejo, Miu, Osito y Chancito are sailing the seas when they feel hungry. This is a story to read while or before your child is being fed, one little spoon for Miu, on

Book review: ‘Il Macinino magico – the magic Peppermill’

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Bilingual English/Italian, from 6yo. Tonino is an orphan and is poor. He helps out old ladies to carry their groceries to obtain a coin or some food. One day he is given a Peppermill. What is the use for a Peppermill when he is so hungry? Well, this

Book review: ‘Le rat scelerat’

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From 4yo, in French. Another great Julia Donaldson’s story. The highway rat is a villain. He steels from all the animals who are unlucky to cross his path until he meets a clever goose who will play a trick on him. For more information visit h

Book review: ‘Os tres porquinhos’

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In Portuguese, from 2yo. The famous tale of the three little pigs. One builds his house with hay, the second out of wood and the third in bricks. The big bad wolf comes along and wants to eat them… Rediscover this story in Portuguese. Reading f