The book, Bella’s adventures in Africa, is beautifully illustrated by Guy Stratton. With over 100 illustrations the book follows a girl who leaves England to embark on journey across Africa with

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Introduce your toddler to Spanish words such as ‘book – los libros’, ‘lady – la dama’ and ‘friend – el amigo’.

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When Curious George makes some cute bunny friends, one of the babies gets away! George uses a string to help get the bunny back to its mother, and discovers that strings can also be used for fishing a

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A bilingual first words collection with a twist: this unique book combines storytelling with English and Spanish vocabulary building as young readers follow the adventures of the Palabra family as the

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Box set with 9 mini books in which children will learn everyday vocabulary both in Spanish and English.

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Book review: ‘Mas cuentos menuditos para contar en cinco minutos’

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In Spanish only, from 0yo. This book offers shortened versions of your favourite classic tales which can be read in 5 minutes. Ideal for bedtime. You will love the revised endings and the beautiful illustrations. Some of the stories are: ‘The B

2017 Read aloud Day

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Read aloud everyday to your children, even when they are old enough to read by themselves. A young reader understands better when he is listening to a story than when he is reading. When you read aloud it is not just about the text inside a book, it

Book review: ‘Baby Mouse’

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In Chinese only, from 0yo. Baby Mouse is so unhappy with his mom that he decides to find another one. Will mommies elephant, hippo, bear, crocodile, kangaroo do? Follow Baby Mouse’s quest for a new mom in this beautifully illustrated love stor

Book review: ‘Sing and learn in German’

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Make learning German fun and easier with these book and CD. Sing along and learn the numbers, days of the week, colours, greetings and much more… Comes with the translation of the songs at the end of the book. In German, from 0yo. For more info

Book review: ‘Tanti animali’

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Cute board book which gives you basics facts on your favourite farm animals or pets. Where do they live? What do they eat? Each page comes with some questions that you could ask your child to help develop his knowledge. In Italian only for children 1

Book review: ‘Mama Panya’s pancakes’

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‘Mama Panya’s pancakes’ is a beautiful book about generosity and life in small communities. It is about a mother and a son wonderful relationship and about sharing with your friends. You will like the colourful illustrations. It co

Book review: ‘Alfie’s angels’

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‘Alfie’s Angels’ is a beautiful story of a young boy who dreams to be an angel in the school show. There are so many things he could if he was an angel. Unfortunately, the teacher always chooses girls and he has to find a way to con

Scavenger hunt at Naturescape in Kings Park

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Savenger hunts and ‘I spy’ games are among our favourite ways to teach new words to a child while having fun. It is easy to put organise it just requires a little bit of time. For our first session of this term we went to Naturescape in

Multicultural children’s book day

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Multicultural children’s book day became a national event in the USA on 27 January 2014 thanks to Valerie Budayr (www.jumpintoabook.com) and Mia Wenjen (www.pragmaticmom.com). They are both children’s reading and play advocates and presen