At Le toboggan, we believe in offering quality language resources for children 0 to 18 years old.
Our kids’ books are carefully curated by Filipa to suit bilingual children, such as hers, children exposed to a foreign language and schools (Scotch College, Geelong College, Lyndhurst PS, Augusta PS, Al Siraat College, St Patrick’s College…). We promote multiculturalism and literacy by bringing world stories to young readers in English and in languages other than English.

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Book review: ‘Lonely Planet First Words Mandarin’

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Bilingual English-Mandarin, from 4yo. Let’s learn our first everyday words in Mandarin with this great book. A word on one page written in both languages with also the Mandarin version spelled out phonetically for easier pronunciation and on th

Book review: ‘Filastrocche Italiane vol2’

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Bilingual English-Italian, from 0yo. Sing along with this second volume of your favourite Italian rhyme. Includes bilingual lyrics of nursery rhymes and lullabies, such as ‘Alla Fonte del Re’, play rhymes, such as ‘Giro giro tondo&#

Book review: ‘ABC des animaux’

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In French, from 2yo. Beautifully illustrated, this book is great to learn the abc and know about the animals. Discover an animal for each letter of the alphabet. The right page with the cut out letter unfold on gorgeous animal illustrations and a sho

Book review: ‘Juntos estamos mejor’

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In Spanish, from 2yo. This is a gorgeous board book beautifully illustrated. It promotes team work. Together we can all achieve much more. For example, one needs a bucket and a spade to make a sand castle. For more information visit http://bit.ly/2J

Book review: ‘Ottavia e i gatti di Roma’

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Bilingual English-Italian, from 4 yo. Ottavia is a young cat who lives with her parents in the Colosseum. Everyday cat ladies come and bring them food. One day while playing with her cousin she decides to explore the city. Let’s  follow these

Book review: ‘We are going on a bear hunt’

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Bilingual English-Portuguese/Arabic/Farsi, from 4yo. This classic loved by little ones around the world is one of our favourites. parents are not home so the children decide to go on a bear hunt. They have to go through high grass, a deep river, a da

Book review: ‘Cuando las cosas se mueven’

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In Spanish from 5yo. Oh no!!!!! There is an earthquake! Hold on, it is just the hippo yawning. Ohhh nooo!!! another earthquake!! No, it is just hippo walking. It seems that every time hippo does anything the jungle shakes and rumbles. You will lobe t

Book review: ‘Girar a la tortuga’

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In Spanish, from 5yo. Tortoise is stuck her back. Her friends one after the other come to helper flip back on her legs but it is not until ant arrives that they succeed. A gorgeous story of friendship and how helping each other makes everyone happy.

Book review: ‘Submarino al rescate!’

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In Spanish, from 2yo. Gorgeous pop down book. A fishing boat return to the wharf with bad news. A dolphin is stuck in a fishing net. No time to lose for Captain Panda and his crew. Let’s get the submarine ready to go and save the dolphin. What