Les dinosaures

Dinosaurs lived 65 minllion year ago but how do we know they really existed? How do we know what they looked like, what they eated and where they lived. This book will answer all these questions and many more. Ideal for the intrduction of the dinosaurs and their envirnoment.

Les dinosaures

Les dinosaures… quelles drôles de créatures ! Trop incroyables pour être vraies ! Et pourtant ces “terribles reptiles” ont régné sur Terre pendant 185 millions d’années ! C’est en découvrant des os fossilisés que l’on sait maintenant que les terrifiants tyrannosaures côtoyaient les gentils Triceratops, que les Diplodocus pondaient des oeufs énormes, que certains lézards avaient des plumes et que leurs descendants se trouvent parmi nous !

Les dinosaures a construire

Diplodocus, T.-rex, stégosaure… Ce livre permet d’une part d’apprendre tout ce qu’il faut savoir sur les dinosaures et, d’autre part, de prolonger le plaisir de la découverte par celui du jeu, grâce aux 4 maquettes en carton.
Grâce à un système ingénieux, chaque modèle est enchâssé dans sa page et s’en détache pour révéler du contenu supplémentaire. Faciles à monter, sans colle ni ciseaux, les maquettes sont idéales pour les petits curieux !

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Back to school: educational books for language promotion

Children are back to school and this is a great opportunity to reinforce those language skills. Teaching children your language through themes they are interested in or expand their language skills through new topics, ideally subjects that they are studying at school. This way you get to kill two birds with one stone. They will learn new things and get to practice their minority language.

Here are our suggestions in the various languages we carry:


World Atlas + Memory game Cities of the world, match 2 cards with same landmark. One shows read the name of the landmark and the city where it is located and the second card reads the name of the landmark and the country where it is located. Great to introduce geography to young children.


Inventions et découvertes all about the major inventions and discoveries in French.

Les dinosaures – comes with a CD. All you wanted to know about the diplodocus, T-rex, triceratops…

Le systeme solaire – the solar system and an episode from the famous TV show ‘C’est pas sorcier’

L’histoire de France – The history of France for kids

La France – visit France with photographs, cultural and economic data for each region of France.

Les astronautes – find oud about how astronauts live in space.

L’espace – junior encyclopaedia on space.

Les romains – the Roman civilisation explained to children.

Les grecs – the Greek civilisation explained to children.


Egipto – beautiful book on the Egyptian civilisation

El gran libro sobre Roma – the Roman civilisation presented in this beautiful book

El espacio – fun fact book with many stickers

Los conquistadores de los mares – Who were the great navigators? Where did they go?

16 inventos muy, muy, muy importantes – 16 very, very, very important inventions

16 dioses y heroes mitologicos – 16 most significant gods and heros from the Greek mythology

First words sticker book (bilingual) – when learning new vocabulary is made fun with stickers.

El cuerpo humano – great book to teach the human body with fun facts and quiz.

En los tiempos de los dinosaurios – interesting facts about dinosaurs. (14/08/18 update – out of print)


Sing & learn in German – learn German while singing on the days of the week, greetings…

Dinosaurier – All about dinosaurs in German

Insekten – go outside and identify the insects and learn fun facts about them with this book with flaps.


Como nasce pesci, anfibi, rettili – how are fish, amphibians and reptiles born?

Como nasce i mammiferi, how are the mammals born?

Como nasce i tissuti – how is fabric made?


Espreita o planeta terra – all about the Earth with this flap book

Espreita o mundo dos Dinossauros – discover fun facts on dinosaurs by lifting the flaps

Dicionario basico – great bilingual dictionary in a small format, perfect to fit in all backpacks

O fantástico livro do corpo humano – great book to learn about the human body in a fun way.


Arabicubes – wooden blocks to learn the Arabic alphabet and how to spell words.

Arabicouples – matching card game, match couple from the Arabic speaking countries, find out about the flags and their traditional outfits.

Chkobba kids – learn how to count in Arabic while playing cards. The cards show the western and the Indian numbers.

Languages detail German/English/Spanish/Italian/Chinese/English

Rock and learn a language DVD – Great resources to introduce basic vocabulary such as clothing, house furniture, numbers…. in Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian, German and English. All in one DVD.


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National Science Week 13-21 Aug 2016

This year again, let’s celebrate science with lots of great activities and fun. ????

For more information on the events organised in your State check http://www.scienceweek.net.au.

For this special event we offer a free delivery for all orders over A$80. Voucher Sc13Nc3. Valid from 13 to 21 Aug 16.

Are you after ideas of things to do with children?

Here are our suggestions by language:



Incredible dinosauri‘, all the children will love this fantastic large format board book in which they will learn everything about dinosaurs.

Galileo Galilei‘, bilingual English-Italian. For orders children who are fond of astronomy. It comes with an activity at the end of the book.

Come nasce‘ series, everything you wanted to know on how it all started: birds, mammals, dinosaurs, fish, amphibians & reptiles, fabric, pirates…. has also activities and stickers.

Da toccare‘ series (touch and feel), toddlers will love to explore the world of dinosaurs, space, the sea and the farm with beautifully illustrated books.




Espreita‘ series, discover the planet Earth and the word of dinosaurs with this large format books with flaps. Lots of interesting facts that curious little minds will enjoy time and time again. ????

For the older children, ‘o fantastic livro do corpo humano‘ and ‘101 experiencias cientificas fixes‘, are full of fantastic facts and fun activities that will keep your children entertained for days.




El cuerpo humano‘ , specifically designed for children, this book will tell them about what happens when they are growing, the skeleton, muscles, breathing, digestion, and much more… Each topic comes with an experiment to illustrate what they have just learned.

‘En el mundo de los dinosaurios’, very informative book on dinosaurs, who they were, what they ate, at what period they lived in, their environment….(14/08/18 update – out of print).

Nos divertimos con la ciencia‘, awesome book with scientific experiments that are easy and fun to make. the book also comes with activities cards.

‘Grandes cuadernos de adhesivos‘ series, activity books with stickers on a variety of topics such as dinosaurs, space, whales and dolphins, and more.




Cool Astronomie‘ you will see the sky in a different way from now onwards. What is the largest planet? The smallest? The warmest? Is there more life in the universe? How does a telescope work? Discover 50 fun facts and experiments that you get to look at the sky more often. ⭐️

Dinosaures a construire‘ awesome 3D dinosaurs to build and lots of amazing info.

100 missions pour un espions‘ fun book where little spies learn tricks and fun scientific facts and experiments.

‘Voir’ series, book & DVD to learn everything on the solar system and the dinosaurs.

Encyclopedie junior‘ series with ‘Inventions et decouvertes’ and ‘L’espace’. Your children will learn everything about inventions and discoveries, as well as space with the junior encyclopaedia and the additional quiz. ????

Les dinosaures‘ from the “discovery education’ series. Learn who were the dinosaurs discovered last? What have we learned from them? For all the curious minds interested in fossils and prehistoric animals.





Dinosaurier‘ very informative book on dinosaurs. Their environment, their food, fossils….

Wir gehen in den zoo‘ let’s go to the zoo. Perfect size to take along with you when visiting the zoo. Learn more about the animals as you watch them. ????

Was essen wir?’ answers the questions why should we drink and eat, and many more

Insekten‘ everything you wanted to know about the insects. Great format with many facts and information on insects small and big. ????

Spezialwissen‘ series, such as tierspurren, geocaching, nachtwanderung, schnitzen. These little format books, perfect to fit inside the pocket, will help explorers in their various missions, such as animal tracking, carving, geocaching, hiking at night.




World Atlas‘, an atlas for the twenty-first century, it shows how all parts of the planet are interconnected and looks at the challenges which face us all in creating a sustainable future. The Atlas also features a pull-out map, fold-out booklets and panels. ????

Memory Game ‘Cities of the world‘ sharpen you memory skills and discover some landmarks and buildings of the world’s greatest cities. ????????


I am sure you will enjoy all the fun kid’s activities. Here is a fun experiment taken from “101 experiencias cientificas fixes’

How to make invisible ink. ⚗???? 


visit facebook.com/…7301549396/1133356720061785 for the full experiment description.


or your would prefer a clever mathematical trick? Visit the below link to find out more.

Have fun experimenting! ????????????⚗



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Dinosaurs are coming to Perth

During the school holidays take your children back in time when the dinosaurs ruled the earth.

Be prepared to be amazed by the T-Rex and the Triceratops.

Pre-bookings are available on http://museum.wa.gov.au/museums/perth/dinosaur-zoo


Get ready for this adventure with a few books:


*Histoires de dinosaures a lire a mon petit garçon

*Les dinosaures

*Dinosaures a construire

histoires-dinosaures-ya-lire-avec-mon-petit-garyion-11450-200-500les dinosauresdinosaures a contruire


*Dinosaurios! (14/08/18 update – out of print)

*En el tiempo de los dinosaurios (14/08/18 update – out of print)

dinosauriosen el tiempo de los dinosaurios - combel





*5 amici contro il T-Rex

*Il Dinosauri da toccare

*Incredibili Dinosauri

*I Dinosauri

cinque agigui e il trexi dinosauri da tocare Incredibili dinosauri come nasce i dinosauri



*O mundo dos dinossauros

Espreita o mundo dos dinossauros

Enjoy and happy reading!

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Activity books for an active summer

A few ideas to keep your children busy this summer while having fun and keep practising German, French, Spanish, Italian or Portuguese.



  • Le cahier de vacances du dico des filles‘ is full of fun activities such as crosswords, mysteries to solve, short stories, sentences to finish…. for 12+
  • Dinosaures a construire‘ is an amazing book that will give interesting facts about the dinosaures and children get to make one in a 3D puzzle.
  • Cherche et trouve a la ferme‘, open the page flap on the right hand side and discover the items that you will need to find on the very busy double page. For example, find the cow among sheep and other animals in the farm. Also in the same series ‘Cherche et trouve dans la savane’ 
  • IMG_20151216_160251_editIMG_20151216_160349IMG_20151216_160356IMG_20151216_160420_editIMG_20151216_160411_edit
  • Comme un grand j’observe, je joue, j’apprends: Louloup va au marche‘, activity book offering plenty hours of fun with colouring ins, stickers….Also in the same series ‘Souricette va au marche’


  • First words sticker book English-French‘, great way to learn with repositionable stickers.
  • Chloe poupee a habiller‘, activity book with colouring in and stickers, where you have to dress up the girl according to what she is doing. In the same series ‘Zoe’, ‘Emma’, ‘Rose’….
  • Mike the knight jeux et coloriages‘, activity book with word games, colouring ins and stickers. Based on the cartoon character.
  • ‘100 missions pour un espion’, awesome book with many activities, tricks and mysteries to solve.


  • ‘Mes premieres lettres’ and ‘Mes premiers chiffres’, great way to get your child to practise his writing skills with the reusable book, wipe it out clean and start again.
  • ‘Bloc de jeux la Reine des neiges’, ‘bloc de jeux Cars’, ‘mes jeux en bloc’, are a collection of handy size notepads with many games and activities.


  • ‘Mots croises dans la nature’ and ‘mots croises en balade’, great way to keep your child entertain while practising his skills in French. These activities are based on crosswords and other word games.
  • ‘Jeux de lettres pour les garçons’ and ‘Jeux de lettres pour les filles’, again a fun way to keep practising French while on holidays, include many words games, such as find the word ending….




  • ‘Cores e formas’  is handy size notepad full of games and activities on colours and shapes.




  • ‘Dibuja a la bruja‘ and ‘Dibuja las caras de Caperucita’ are 2 drawing books which will provide endless fun, drawings can be wiped off clean and it is ready to start again. Children will try to reproduce the completed drawing on the left hand side or just give their imagination a go.
  • ‘Puzzle la jungla’, each page is filled with a colourful 4 piece puzzle. Perfect for little children, they will enjoy a short story and the puzzle.


  • Nos divertimos con la ciencia’ is a great book, not only children will get to make things, such as a musical instrument, illusion tricks…. but they will learn about the science behind every experiment.
  • The series ‘Mi primero libro’ comes in 4 themes ‘numeros’,’animales’, ‘letras’, ‘juguetes’. Each book offers many activities such as stickers to apply, drawing to be done, writing, counting….



  • ‘Coloriamo il Natale’ is an advent calendar to colour in. Each day the child discovers a Christmas drawing and theme.
  • Giulio Coniglio – le raccolte’, is a collection of various activity books with comic strips, colouring ins, cutting out shapes, crosswords, craft ideas and many more….





  • ‘Bauernhof‘, ‘Tierkinder’ and ‘Feuerwehr‘ are activity books with stickers, colouring ins and cutting outs.
  • Rundherum in meiner Stadt’, colouring in on the city theme. ‘Auf dem lande’ is about colouring in the country side.
  • The series ‘Spezialwissen’ are little books that fit in a jeans back pocket and can be taken everywhere. All the themes are around the exploration of the environment ‘Geocaching’, ‘Nachtwanderum’, ‘Schnitzen’, ‘Tierspuren’. So what are you waiting for? Get out and explore!


For everyone

You will love these plastic books. Small enough to fit in a child’s backpack or your handbag. Perfect to keep your children entertained at the restaurant, the beach, the park, in a plane…. Once they are done colouring in, wipe clean and start again. ‘Librito de plastico de la navidad’, ‘librito de plastico de la playa’, ‘librito de plastico de la caperucita’, ‘librito de plastico de los piratas’.

4 themes- the beach, Christmas, Red Riding Hood and Pirates.



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Give the gift of books this Christmas

Books are beautiful gifts. They offer endless entertainment, fun, knowledge, understanding about oneself, others, our world….

Le Toboggan has compiled a list of suggestions but do not stop here, check out our website for many more for the little readers as well as the older ones.


Coffret Pirate
Coffret Princesse
13 histoires maboules de Noel
Les plus belles fables
Les pirates
Dinosaures a construire
Sing & learn in French
Histoires de dinosaures a lire a mon petit garçon
Coucou dans le jardin
100 histoires dans la foret enchantée
Cherche et trouve a la ferme
Petite lionne a perdu son GRRRR
Les plus belles comptines des animaux (CD)
30 comptines + un compte de légende: Le petit Prince (CD)
13 histoires maboules de princesses et de chevaliers
Les dinosaures
Ou sont donc passes mes amis
Le système solaire
5 histoires d’espions
En route pour le cirque
Cache-cache dans la basse-cour

french 1 french 3 french 2


Hora do banho
Porque adoro o meu avo
As girafas nao dancam
A zebra nao quiere ir a escola
Branca de Neve
Peter Pan
Capuchinho vermelho
Adoro a escola
Espreita o mundo dos dinossauros
Os animais de estimacao
Contos e lendas de Portugal e do Mundo
As 100 primeiras palavras
Contos de Andersen
O Dragao
A coelinha aventureira

portuguese 1


Egipto (14/08/18 update – out of print)
La Princesa y el Dragon (DVD)
Libro estera – La Granja
En el tiempo de los Dinosaurios (14/08/18 update – out of print)
Los sonidos de la noche
En la ciudad
La Caperucita Roja
Rita comienza el colegio
La abuela
El periodico del abuelo
El tesoro de Barba-Zul
De que están hechas la niñas flamencas?

and the traditional Christmas tale ‘La aranita de Belen’

spanish 1

spanish 2

spanish 3


The Fox fables
The Goose fables
Yeh-Sien a Chinese Cinderella
Augustus and his smile
Row, row, row your boat
Bus Adventures
Brrmm! Let’s go!

chinese 1


One of our favourite – The hungry caterpillar
Brown bear, brown bear what do you see?
The fox fables
Tom and Sofia start school

vietnamese 1


Incredibili Dinausori
Pimpa: Rosita, Tina e Leonardo (book + DVD)
Pimpa: storie di Natale
Lo vuoi il mio ciuccio
Il prime bacio… non si scorda mai!
I cavallini vanno a scuola
Sogni di Gigi orsetto e bella coccinella
Giulio coniglio fa il bagno
Clack clack Leone
La fattoria da toccare
Dinosauri da toccare
Ombretta Camilla
Mal di pancia della luna
Alta amico pinguino
La bella addormentata
Giulio coniglio e la pioggia
Giulio coniglio va alla festa

italian 1 italian 2


Ali Baba & the 40 thieves
Bella & Joy
Mein ersten KITA und Kindergarten Geschichten
Sly fox and little red hen
Mein Fahrzeuge – Wörterbuch
Maja & Motte
Bist du noch mein freund?
Hilfe ich bin an alien
Mein kleiner markt
Motte geht schlafen
Hor mal, Pepe & Milli machen Musik
Wir singenden früh bis spat
Wer macht was auf dem Bauernhof
Alle meine Wörter

german 1 german 2


The greediest of Rajahs and the whitest of clouds
Ang mga lambing ni lolo ding
Ang madyik islya ni Titoy
Bakit matagal ang sundo ko?
Ang itim na kuting
ready for school
Bahay kubo
Masaya ako

tagalog 1


Augustus and his smile
Yeh-Hsien a Chinese Cinderella story
Alfie’s angels
I see the sun in Russia

russian 1


The wobbly wobbly tooth
The Fox tales
Tom and Sofia start school
Ellie’s diary

japanese 1

Our books are affordable with the majority under $20. Place your order promptly to ensure a delivery prior to Christmas.

Happy reading and Merry Christmas!


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Le Toboggan celebrates The Science Week

At Le Toboggan we like children to be inquisitive and explore. The celebration of Science in Perth on August 15th & 16th will offer many fun and free activities for the kids.

We want to celebrate science all year long and carry a range of scientific books for little curious minds, such as:

** Spanish

‘Dinosaurios’, beautiful pop up book showing 3D dinosaurs. (14/08/18 update – out of print)

Nos divertimos con la ciencia‘, you like experimenting, it is more fun when you build it from scratch. The book also comes with flashcards with instructions on how to make your own instruments, experiments and giving you tips.

** German

Dinosaurier‘ learn everything you wanted to know on the Dinos.

You like creepy crawlers, you will like ‘Die coolsten und giftigsten krabbeltiere der welt‘ and ‘Insekten‘. Insekten is a book with flaps which hide more facts about insects.

** Portuguese

You would like know more about our planet or dinosaures. Check out these two beautiful flap books ‘Espreita o mundo dos dinossauros‘ and ‘Espreita o Planeta Terra‘.

** Italien

Children will love ‘Incredibili Dinosauri‘, a big board book introducing their favourite dinos. Perfect for little hands.

Find out more about Galileo Galilei and see some of the instruments he used with ‘Galileo Galilei e la Torre de Pisa‘.


We have more arriving in the coming weeks like books in Italian telling us everything about minerals, mammals, birds, textiles….or in French about innovations and discoveries, Space and the Solar System, and more dinosaures…

allemand  espagnolportugais