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Back to school: educational books for language promotion

Children are back to school and this is a great opportunity to reinforce those language skills. Teaching children your language through themes they are interested in or expand their language skills through new topics, ideally subjects that they are studying at school. This way you get to kill two birds with one stone. They will learn new things and get to practice their minority language.

Here are our suggestions in the various languages we carry:


World Atlas + Memory game Cities of the world, match 2 cards with same landmark. One shows read the name of the landmark and the city where it is located and the second card reads the name of the landmark and the country where it is located. Great to introduce geography to young children.


Inventions et découvertes all about the major inventions and discoveries in French.

Les dinosaures – comes with a CD. All you wanted to know about the diplodocus, T-rex, triceratops…

Le systeme solaire – the solar system and an episode from the famous TV show ‘C’est pas sorcier’

L’histoire de France – The history of France for kids

La France – visit France with photographs, cultural and economic data for each region of France.

Les astronautes – find oud about how astronauts live in space.

L’espace – junior encyclopaedia on space.

Les romains – the Roman civilisation explained to children.

Les grecs – the Greek civilisation explained to children.


Egipto – beautiful book on the Egyptian civilisation

El gran libro sobre Roma – the Roman civilisation presented in this beautiful book

El espacio – fun fact book with many stickers

Los conquistadores de los mares – Who were the great navigators? Where did they go?

16 inventos muy, muy, muy importantes – 16 very, very, very important inventions

16 dioses y heroes mitologicos – 16 most significant gods and heros from the Greek mythology

First words sticker book (bilingual) – when learning new vocabulary is made fun with stickers.

El cuerpo humano – great book to teach the human body with fun facts and quiz.

En los tiempos de los dinosaurios – interesting facts about dinosaurs. (14/08/18 update – out of print)


Sing & learn in German – learn German while singing on the days of the week, greetings…

Dinosaurier – All about dinosaurs in German

Insekten – go outside and identify the insects and learn fun facts about them with this book with flaps.


Como nasce pesci, anfibi, rettili – how are fish, amphibians and reptiles born?

Como nasce i mammiferi, how are the mammals born?

Como nasce i tissuti – how is fabric made?


Espreita o planeta terra – all about the Earth with this flap book

Espreita o mundo dos Dinossauros – discover fun facts on dinosaurs by lifting the flaps

Dicionario basico – great bilingual dictionary in a small format, perfect to fit in all backpacks

O fantástico livro do corpo humano – great book to learn about the human body in a fun way.


Arabicubes – wooden blocks to learn the Arabic alphabet and how to spell words.

Arabicouples – matching card game, match couple from the Arabic speaking countries, find out about the flags and their traditional outfits.

Chkobba kids – learn how to count in Arabic while playing cards. The cards show the western and the Indian numbers.

Languages detail German/English/Spanish/Italian/Chinese/English

Rock and learn a language DVD – Great resources to introduce basic vocabulary such as clothing, house furniture, numbers…. in Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian, German and English. All in one DVD.