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National Science Week 13-21 Aug 2016

This year again, let’s celebrate science with lots of great activities and fun. ????

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Are you after ideas of things to do with children?

Here are our suggestions by language:



Incredible dinosauri‘, all the children will love this fantastic large format board book in which they will learn everything about dinosaurs.

Galileo Galilei‘, bilingual English-Italian. For orders children who are fond of astronomy. It comes with an activity at the end of the book.

Come nasce‘ series, everything you wanted to know on how it all started: birds, mammals, dinosaurs, fish, amphibians & reptiles, fabric, pirates…. has also activities and stickers.

Da toccare‘ series (touch and feel), toddlers will love to explore the world of dinosaurs, space, the sea and the farm with beautifully illustrated books.




Espreita‘ series, discover the planet Earth and the word of dinosaurs with this large format books with flaps. Lots of interesting facts that curious little minds will enjoy time and time again. ????

For the older children, ‘o fantastic livro do corpo humano‘ and ‘101 experiencias cientificas fixes‘, are full of fantastic facts and fun activities that will keep your children entertained for days.




El cuerpo humano‘ , specifically designed for children, this book will tell them about what happens when they are growing, the skeleton, muscles, breathing, digestion, and much more… Each topic comes with an experiment to illustrate what they have just learned.

‘En el mundo de los dinosaurios’, very informative book on dinosaurs, who they were, what they ate, at what period they lived in, their environment….(14/08/18 update – out of print).

Nos divertimos con la ciencia‘, awesome book with scientific experiments that are easy and fun to make. the book also comes with activities cards.

‘Grandes cuadernos de adhesivos‘ series, activity books with stickers on a variety of topics such as dinosaurs, space, whales and dolphins, and more.




Cool Astronomie‘ you will see the sky in a different way from now onwards. What is the largest planet? The smallest? The warmest? Is there more life in the universe? How does a telescope work? Discover 50 fun facts and experiments that you get to look at the sky more often. ⭐️

Dinosaures a construire‘ awesome 3D dinosaurs to build and lots of amazing info.

100 missions pour un espions‘ fun book where little spies learn tricks and fun scientific facts and experiments.

‘Voir’ series, book & DVD to learn everything on the solar system and the dinosaurs.

Encyclopedie junior‘ series with ‘Inventions et decouvertes’ and ‘L’espace’. Your children will learn everything about inventions and discoveries, as well as space with the junior encyclopaedia and the additional quiz. ????

Les dinosaures‘ from the “discovery education’ series. Learn who were the dinosaurs discovered last? What have we learned from them? For all the curious minds interested in fossils and prehistoric animals.





Dinosaurier‘ very informative book on dinosaurs. Their environment, their food, fossils….

Wir gehen in den zoo‘ let’s go to the zoo. Perfect size to take along with you when visiting the zoo. Learn more about the animals as you watch them. ????

Was essen wir?’ answers the questions why should we drink and eat, and many more

Insekten‘ everything you wanted to know about the insects. Great format with many facts and information on insects small and big. ????

Spezialwissen‘ series, such as tierspurren, geocaching, nachtwanderung, schnitzen. These little format books, perfect to fit inside the pocket, will help explorers in their various missions, such as animal tracking, carving, geocaching, hiking at night.




World Atlas‘, an atlas for the twenty-first century, it shows how all parts of the planet are interconnected and looks at the challenges which face us all in creating a sustainable future. The Atlas also features a pull-out map, fold-out booklets and panels. ????

Memory Game ‘Cities of the world‘ sharpen you memory skills and discover some landmarks and buildings of the world’s greatest cities. ????????


I am sure you will enjoy all the fun kid’s activities. Here is a fun experiment taken from “101 experiencias cientificas fixes’

How to make invisible ink. ⚗???? 


visit…7301549396/1133356720061785 for the full experiment description.


or your would prefer a clever mathematical trick? Visit the below link to find out more.

Have fun experimenting! ????????????⚗