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Dinosaurs are coming to Perth

During the school holidays take your children back in time when the dinosaurs ruled the earth.

Be prepared to be amazed by the T-Rex and the Triceratops.

Pre-bookings are available on


Get ready for this adventure with a few books:


*Histoires de dinosaures a lire a mon petit garçon

*Les dinosaures

*Dinosaures a construire

histoires-dinosaures-ya-lire-avec-mon-petit-garyion-11450-200-500les dinosauresdinosaures a contruire


*Dinosaurios! (14/08/18 update – out of print)

*En el tiempo de los dinosaurios (14/08/18 update – out of print)

dinosauriosen el tiempo de los dinosaurios - combel





*5 amici contro il T-Rex

*Il Dinosauri da toccare

*Incredibili Dinosauri

*I Dinosauri

cinque agigui e il trexi dinosauri da tocare Incredibili dinosauri come nasce i dinosauri



*O mundo dos dinossauros

Espreita o mundo dos dinossauros

Enjoy and happy reading!