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‘Billie B Brown es muy buena’

In Spanish, from 8yo.

Billie B Brown is now a big sister. She is happy at first then she is getting less attention than before and she is now jealous.

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2021 French & Spanish story times at the City of Perth Library

This year we will be back in partnership with the City of Perth Library to bring you more beautiful stories in French and in Spanish.

Come along and join us for one hour of songs, stories and craft. All welcome, non native speakers as well. It is a free event.

The dates for the first half of the year are as follows. We will add the dates for the second half in a few months.


January 6th Spanish

February 3rd Spanish

March 3rd Spanish

April 7th Spanish

May 5th Spanish

June 2nd Spanish


January 20th French

February 17th French

March 17th French

April 21st French 

May 12th French

June 16th French

See you soon!

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Deadlines for Christmas deliveries

Hello everyone,

To ensure you receive your books on time for the big day, please ensure we receive your orders early enough.

The cut off shipping dates are as follows:

Perth metro – 20 Dec – Perth Regional 17 Dec

Other Capital cities – 15 Dec – Interstate country areas 11 Dec

For the Perth orders, collection from Beeliar or Perth is also an option.

Enjoy a safe and merry festive season.

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‘Hola, gracias, adios’

In Spanish, from 5yo.

Nora and Martin are friends and they do not like communicating with others. As a result of their lack of communication they start becoming invisible. The have to learn how to engage with others and it starts with some greetings.

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‘Valentina tiene dos casas’

In Spanish, from 2 yo.

Valentina has two houses. She spends one week at mom’s house, then another week at dad’s house. She has two beds, many toys in both houses, but sometimes the person you want is not there.

Gorgeous book to assist children with their parent’s separation. Valentina has two houses but both her parents love her very much.

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‘Diccionario escolar bilingue ingles-espanol’

Bilingual English-Spanish, from 5yo.

Great tool to learn Spanish, this bilingual dictionary has 9,000 words in both languages. It also shows how to pronounce the words with a phonetic version of the word.

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‘El pedo mas grande del mundo’

In Spanish, from 2yo.

The monkey is gathering all the jungle animals for a farting contest. The hippo, the elephant, a shy giraffe, and a very refined zebra are all competing, but no one can guess who the winner will be.

Little readers will enjoy this funny and beautifully illustrated story.

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‘La siesta perfecta’

In Spanish, from 2yo.

the perfect nap is a funny story who will entertain your little readers. The Jaguar has something important to do in a little while. The jungle is hot and all of a sudden starts a cooling breeze. Just perfect for a nap. He asks the Coati if he can wake him up in 10 minutes. The Coati does not dare to refuse the Jaguar. The cooling breeze is really nice and would make for a perfect nap. He finds a Cockatoo and tells him that he wants to nap but the bird must wake him up in 10 minutes otherwise he will suffer the wrath of the Jaguar. After a little while the Cockatoo is feeling sleepy and he finds a sloth nearby and asks him to wake him up in 10 minutes, so he can wake the Coati up and the Jaguar. Not a problem the sloth can resist 10 minutes or can’t he?

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‘Pequeno y grande David Bowie’

In Spanish, from 4yo.

David Bowie was a musical genius and had such a full and amazing life. From a young age, he was passionate about space. During his life his creativity led him to change music style and his appearance. Teach your little one about such a great artist who has shown many generations that there is no limits to the imagination.

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Book review: ‘Gran libros de primeras palabras para pequenos curiosos’

In Spanish, from 0yo.

Amazing large format board book to learn about the first words in Spanish. Each double page represents a topic, on the left hand side there are words with the illustrations and on the right hand side a full page to put the words in their context as well as a game of seek and find.

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