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In Spanish, from 3yo.

All the animals of the jungle are scared when they hear the sound ‘tun, tun, tun, tun’. They do not know what makes this noise but it is loud and makes everything shake. Tuntun is a big elephant. NO, he is a huge elephant. So big that he cannot walk, he waddles. When he stomps he makes the noise tun, tun, tun, tun. He is sad because he never sees anyone and feels lonely. One day, a wasp decides to help him and stings his bottom. Tuntun is so surprised that he starts running without stopping. While he runs he bumps into other animals, make them fly and several of them land on his back. Tuntun keeps running and when he finally stops the jungle animals climb down. They had the best time on Tuntun’s back. They introduce themselves and from that day onward Tuntun is not lonely anymore and the jungle animals are not afraid of the stomping.

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