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Book review: ‘El club de lectura del conejito’

In Spanish, from 4yo.

Conejito, ‘bunny’, loves reading. He cannot help himself, he has to stop and listen to the librarian reading books outside the library. He is so happy!

However, summer ends along with the outdoor story times. How can he listen to the stories if he is not allowed inside?

That night, he has an idea. He decides to go to the library and find a way to get in. He manages to get inside through the return chute. This is even better than he had imagined. There are books everywhere on everything. He borrows a few and gets back to his burrow.

He reads all night long. Then his friends one by one come and find him. They wanted to know what he was doing. Bunny took them to the library at night and all together they will spend hours reading until one night, the librarian finds them all.

She explained the rules of the library and gave them all their very own library card. Bunny and his friends were so happy and Bunny creates the Bunny Book Club where all booklovers are welcome.

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