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‘The greediest Rajahs and the whitest clouds’

Bilingual Tagalog-English, from 8yo.

The Rajah was greedy, he liked living surrounded by wealth while his people were starving to satisfy his greed. One day, he was looking at the sky when he decided that he wanted the whitest cloud. His wisemen told him that he had to get a special kite that will take him up in the sky and allow him to bring down the whitest cloud. The kite was decorated with many jewels and precious stones. The Rajah finally took off on his kite and climbed up to the sky, then all of a sudden the kite stopped. It was too heavy and could not go up so the Rajah removed all the precious stones and throw them away. The people were so happy to see the greedy Rajah going up and receive the jewels. The Rajah kept climbing and was never seen again but if you look at the sky at night you can see him riding his kite.

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