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How to prompt a conversation with your children?

I found the article “30 questions to ask your kid instead of how was your day?” quite pertinent.

It is a great way to prompt and encourage a conversation with little and older children but it is also a great tool to use when one wants to keep practising the minority language.

When I read the article I realised that I was already using same style questions and you probably are too, such “What did you eat at daycare today?”, “Who did you play the most with?”. This is how i found out that my 3 year old often ‘ate’  whale.

I use open questions to encourage longer replies and I try to encourage descriptions to expand and develop his vocabulary. I also relate some events to stories that he has read. Associations are great tools too.

The key is to promote communication, an exchange between 2 people. Therefore limit the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ questions.

To read the full article click on the below link.