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Workshops: Let’s explore the museum – Exploremos el museo

Our first ‘field trip’ was a success.

Today our little explorers were given the mission to find all the animals that were on a list I had given them. We played ‘eye spy’ and before we knew it was time to leave.

A visit at the museum is always a good activity with my children. They love running around and pointing at things asking questions or just showing off their knowledge. It is good fun!

This is how I came up with the ‘eye spy’ idea to get the children’s full attention for the whole session or most of it. Without realising it, they played this game for an hour in Spanish! It worked because they were interested, stimulated and more importantly they were free to move about.

I created cards with pictures I had previously taken of items I wanted them to find, then I wrote a short description, such as “butterflies have 4 wings”. Just a short fact which is easy to repeat and remember. All the information was in both languages Spanish and English.

I then laminated the cards so the parents could go back with their children and play again.

Through this activity we learned how to say several animal names, a fun fact about them, where they lived, what they ate and so on. We also touched on the dinosaurs and fossils.

I am not expecting them to remember everything, this is not the objective. I wanted them to have fun learning and I am sure they will take something out of today. To reinforce what they have learned, we will take advantage of this visit at the museum to review what we saw. Through activities we will learn more about animals, dinosaurs, etc… and all this in Spanish.

Enclosed some pictures of the cards and of the little explorers having a good time.

IMG_20151010_122745_edit_edit IMG_20151010_122811_edit_editIMG_20151010_102427 IMG_20151010_095758

Hasta pronto!