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Summer reading: language – German

Summer is a great time to get your children to read everywhere and do fun and creative activities.

Language: German

Here are a few suggestions for you:

The “Spezialwissen” collection is made of 4 small format books that will fit inside your child’s back pocket when he/she will go exploring nature. ‘Nachtwanderung’ for night time expeditions, ‘Geocaching’ all you need to know to have some fun treasure hunting, ‘tierspuren’ learn everything about animal’ footprints, ‘Schnitzen’ how about carving wood to make tools.

Wir entdecken die Riesenfahrzeuge‘ – is about all the big vehicles, such as mining trucks, aeroplanes, trains….. and how they work and what is their use. Interactive book with flaps.

‘Alles uber den Bauernhof’- all there is to know about the farm, fun and interactive book with flaps. Very informative.

Sommerspass auf Ponyhof Muhlental’ – 3 stories about Anna and her pony and how she faces difficult times.

Expedition auf Dino Terra‘ –  Dino Terra in 2050, dinosaur’s reign is back just like million of years ago.  Something is scaring the female T-Rex in the Dino park, what is it? Raffael, Elena and Laurin will now investigate. Book with 3 volumes.

Fee Federleicht und das Einhorn‘ – follow the adventures of the Fairy Thistledown and the Unicorn. Book designed for level 1 readers (beginners), comes with questions at the end to ensure that the story have been well understood.

Tippi Tamtam und der freche Wirbelwind‘ – Tippi Tamtam is the wildest girl in the whole forest! She experiences new adventures everyday and today she has to look after the animals because of what the storm did to their homes.

For more fun stories in German click here.

Happy reading!