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The significance of early literacy

Every Wednesday I take my children to the State Library of WA for the story time.

Why? Would you ask since they are already surrounded by books at home.

I have been reading to my children from day 1. I have been reading a variety of books, in all shapes and colours from around the world. So it is not really a surprise when I see that my kids are book lovers.

They get so excited when I get books delivered, they want to check them out and it does not matter which language they are written in. The other day I was receiving an order of Polish books and my son asked me to read one. I told him that I could not read Polish and he replied “it’s is ok mommy, you can read it in French”!

They cannot read by themselves yet but they love stories, they love the illustrations, they love all sort of characters from animals to dragons.

I am taking my children to the local library for a few different reasons:

  • They are exposed to different stories that what we have at home.
  • They are read to in English. At home we only read in French and in Spanish.
  • They mingled with other little book lovers and get to practise their English in a different environment than when they go to daycare.
  • I get to meet other parents who very often are also raising bilingual children and share some tips.

The benefits of early literacy are numerous. Children who are exposed to stories, songs, poetry… from an early age:

  • become better listeners as they can focus and concentrate longer,
  • more articulate
  • develop a richer vocabulary
  • do better at school
  • are better at problem solving
  • can think outside of the box as they have been exposed to different stories with different outcomes
  • are better readers and writers
  • are better learners

The staff at the library is awesome and the children always have a good time. It is also a free activity.

The Better Beginnings’s program is a wonderful initiative that promotes early literacy. We are delighted to figure in their latest pack along with a few more regulars!

better beginnings

I hope to see you at the story time soon!



2 thoughts on “The significance of early literacy

  1. So glad you enjoy coming along Filipa!! Family literacy is the coolest thing to be a part of right? 😉

    1. Definitely Jen, it is so much fun sharing books with the little ones.

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