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Le Toboggan is the exclusive distributors of various European Publishers

At Le Toboggan we love books and we love seeing children enjoy their stories. We all have different ways to read a book, some will read the story over again and again, fold pages to know where to pick up the story from, others take great care of their books and some like to eat them. The important is to read, read and read. A story never dies as long as someone is here to read it and share it around.

We want children to have fun reading, therefore we carefully select our publishers and the titles. We only choose books that we would like our own children to read.

This is why Le Toboggan is very proud to announce that we have been chosen to be the distributors in Australia of the following European publishers:



lalangue auchat







Basic CMYK





They all offer beautiful books and games that will stimulate little minds. Books are great resources to learn, teach and reinforce a minority language and they give us that very special time we get to spend with our children with no other distraction but our imagination.

Happy reading!