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Un petit dessin pour connaitre les grands personnages

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What if the great characters of history had no more secrets for your children? By inviting children to mobilize their visual memory, Sandrine Campese offers 60 illustrated famous names that have marked history. Who is the last pharaoh of Egypt? Who was both Queen of France and Queen of England? Who invented the printing press? Who wrote Romeo and Juliet? Who was nicknamed “the Sun King” and why? Who is the novelist who sells the most books in the world? Who made the June 18 appeal? Who has spent 27 years of their life behind prison bars? Who fought for women’s rights? Who took the floor to defend the “minorities”? Thanks to mnemography, Sandrine Campese’s original method, each character is associated with a drawing linked to an element of their life, in order to be permanently memorized by the child.
The drawings are accompanied by explanations, definitions and anecdotes to know the great characters! Here’s a new way to play with words and give a taste for learning.
It promotes the French language from a playful and educational angle, through mnemography, a miracle weapon for retaining information for a long time.

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