Raquel Diaz Reguera

Cuando las ninas vuelan alto



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Adriana, Jimena, and Martina have big dreams, but Mr. Nevergonnagetit has filled their pockets with rocks so they cannot fly…

Martina is light as a feather. She loves to fly from one side of her room to the other, zooming like an airplane. When she’s older, she wants to be the best pilot in the whole wide world.

Adriana is round like the dot on an i. She always bounds up the stairs of her house at full speed because she is in a hurry to hug her dear violin. She knows that when she grows up, she will be a great violinist.

Jimena is quiet and spends her day surrounded by books. She likes to write stories, and goes around with her notebook, imagining amazing tales. She is certain that she will be a great writer, famous all around the world and even a little farther.

There are three of them, but there could be ten, or one hundred, or one, or all the girls on the planet.

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