Carve the mark – vol 2 – Il destino divide



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One cannot oppose one’s fate. It would be foolish, as well as useless, because one cannot go against something inevitable. Akos Kereseth and Cyra Noavek know this well, yet, from the moment their fate was made public, they are in the balance between accepting their own destiny and the desire to try the impossible and change it. Akos could not help but fall head over heels in love with Cyra, despite his fate predicting that he will die in the service of the Noavek family. And when her father, Lazmet – a ruthless and soulless tyrant who everyone believed dead – returns to the limelight claiming for himself the throne of the shotets, the boy is convinced that his end is now near. When Lazmet triggers the much feared war between the Thuvhesites and the shotet, the two boys know they have no choice, they must try to stop him in all possible ways. Although for Cyra this could mean taking his father’s life, and for Akos losing his own. In a staggering twist, the two will discover how much the fate that drives their lives can surprise them in absolutely unexpected ways.

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Veronica Roth


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