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‘Vamos a caça de um urso’

Bilingual Portuguese-English, from 1yo.

We are going on a bear hunt, we are going to catch a big one, we are not scared, what a beautiful day !

Read this classic in Portuguese and find out how the river, the forest or snow storm sound like.

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‘Warrior cats – in die Wildnis’

In German, from 10yo.

Cats are gathering in the forest to form gangs. Domestic cats are joining them. As the gang numbers grow larger the resources become more scarce. Fights for food are becoming common.

Great story to get the older readers motivated in reading in their mother tongue.

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‘A talentosa Clementina’

In Portuguese, from 8yo.

When it comes to tackling third grade, Clementine is at the top of her game-okay, so maybe not all the time. After her teacher announces that the third and fourth graders will be putting on a talent show, Clementine panics. She is not artistic at all! How can Clementine ever hope to compete? As the night of the big talent show draws closer, Clementine is desperate for an act, any act. But the unexpected talent she demonstrates at the show surprises everyone-most of all herself.

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‘Brieftrager Maus’

In German, from 1yo.

Each day Mouse delivers the mail to all the animals in the forest. Sometimes he needs to climb up trees to reach the squirrels and birds’ houses, sometimes inside dens, sometimes to the scary snake but he always takes time to have tea with friend the dragon.

Follow Mouse’s daily mail delivery with this gorgeously illustrated book. For more information visit

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‘Espreita o universo’

In Portuguese, from 4yo.

Gorgeous large format books to learn everything on the universe. Lift the flaps and read all the fun facts about the solar system, nebulae, stars…. Not only your children will learn new words and facts in Portuguese but this interactive book will expand their knowledge of our fascinating universe.

Get ready for the blast off

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‘Der Wolf, der ein Superheld sein wollte’

In German, from 3yo.

Another funny adventure by our favourite wolf. Wolf wants to become a super-hero to impress his girlfriend. First, he enlists his friend Yeti’s help to make him a costume, then he goes on “saving” all his friends in the forest. However, despite his best effort, not all his rescue efforts are welcome as they go quite wrong.

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‘Die uhr lernen’

In German, from 4yo.

Teach the hour with this fun activity book. Draw clocks, understand quarter and half hour with sliced cakes. The children will learn how to read the hour in a numeral or clock with hands format while having fun.

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‘O leão que dizia sempre que não’

In Portuguese, from 1yo.

The little lion is contradictory and keeps saying no! What is going to change his mind and finally make him say yes!

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‘Tagebuch eines wombat’

In German, from 1yo.

Diary of a wombat is funny and adorable. What does Wombat do during his week. He sleeps, scratches, sleeps again, goes to find some food, naps…

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‘Geronimo Stilton – o tesouro das colinas negras’

In Portuguese, from 7 yo.

Finally, Geronimo is getting his well deserved holidays. But somehow, his peaceful trip turned into a crazy treasure hunt in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota with the entire Stilton clan in tow!

Find out how this adventure turns out here