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‘Riccioli d’oro e i tre orsi’

Bilingual Italian-English, from 3yo.

Goldilocks wanders in the forest and sees a little house. Once inside, she helps herself to the food cooling down on the table and gets comfortable for an afternoon nap. She did not know that the house belong to a family of bears.

Find out what happens

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‘Piu svelto bradipo’

In Italian, from 6mo.

Sloth is slowly driving back home. Hurry up Sloth, a surprise is awaiting! Gorgeous book with cute illustrations and sounds to make the reading more fun and interactive.

To find out about the surprise Sloth’s friends prepared for him visit

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‘Almanacco dei colori’

In Italian, from 6 month old.

Beautiful large format board book for young readers to learn about colours. Each colour is presented on a double page with many items to name. Great resource to expand vocabulary.

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