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‘Julieta pedorreta’

Julieta Pedorreta - le toboggan

In Spanish, from 1yo.

Julieta has a problem. As soon she was born, she farts a lot. Her farts are so smelly that people run away or faint. She has no friends until a new girl starts school. The new girl cannot smell so the pair develops a great friendship. One they on an excursion with the class. A big bad bear scares the children but Julieta saves the day. She is so afraid that she releases a nasty fart. The bear runs off and the children are saved. Julieta is the hero and her farts are glorious.

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’25 cuentos populares de Perú para crecer juntos’

In Spanish, from 6yo.

This is a beautiful book with gorgeous illustrations. Discover 25 traditional tales from Peru with condors, guinea pigs and many other animals from South America. Some of the tales are The condor and the girl, Amaru and the condor, The mice of Fray Martín, The ayaymama. There are activities at the end of the book to test the reader’s understanding of each story.

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