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Book review: Clack Clack Ape, Clack clack leone, clack clack elefante, clack clack coccodrilo

In Italian only. Board book for 0-4 year olds.

This collection of 4 little animal shaped board books are very attractive to little readers. Not only they will enjoy the design and illustrations but also the simple and lovely stories.

Follow the adventures of the bee (clack clack ape), the lion (clack clack leone), the crocodile (clack clack coccodrilo) and the elephant (clack clack elefante).

For more information click here.

Price: AUD 13.50 each



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Book review: My first book of Vietnamese words

Bilingual English-Vietnamese, 32 pages, price: AUD 16.00

How do you say hello in Vietnamese? Explore the pages of this Vietnamese/English picture dictionary to learn new words and phrases. Colorful photographs and simple labels make learning Vietnamese easy.

Everyday words and objects are shown, so your child can easily make association with his/her own environment.

For more information click here.

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Book review: Sing & Learn in German

In German, 24 pages, Book & CD, Price AUD 22.00. Ages 3 years & over.

A new and unique concept that introduces children to languages and cultures through songs, making learning fun: Listen to the songs; Look at the pictures; Discover new words; Dance and sing in German! Developed by ABC MELODY, an innovative publisher specialising in early childhood, this set entertains and enables children to sing and learn at their own pace whilst having fun, at home or in the car. THEMES : Greetings; The Alphabet; Numbers; Colours; Days of the Week; and many more.

Have fun in German!

For more information click here.

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Book review: Yeh-Sien a Chinese Cinderella

Bilingual Mandarin-English, 32 pages, price AUD 26.00

The oldest version of the Cinderella story originates from China. Befriended by a magical fish, Yeh-hsien is granted her dearest wish – to go to the village festival where she loses a slipper…a rags-to-riches story, a triumph of goodness over meanness and greed.

Beautiful illustrations.

Find out more here. Also available in bilingual English-Russian (in stock), can also be backordered in bilingual French, Tagalog, Albanian, Cantonese, Panjabi, Japanese, Tamil and Polish. For the backordered languages please email

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Book review: The Zazoo, let’s discover Paris

Bilingual English – French, 32 pages, price AUD 17.00.

Let your children explore Paris, the city of lights, and develop their vocabulary. It is a great book either to introduce your children to your next trip’s destination or review what they have seen during their holidays.
When buying this book you will be able to download FREE additional activities (in French and in English) and an audio version.

This is not the typical bilingual book with a translation in English of what has just been said in French. the characters are having a dialogue, one character only speaks English and the other only in French.

The pink bubbles are for the French text and the blue for the text in English.

Great book for bedtime stories when dad and mom speak a different language. Dad can choose to read the blue bubbles and mom the pink ones, or vice versa.

For more information click here. In the same collection, also available ‘We love school’, ‘Merry Christmas’, ‘Good night, sleep tight’, ‘Adventures at the beach’, ‘I don’t know what to wear’, and ‘Let’s cook with the Zazoo’.

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