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‘La siesta perfecta’

In Spanish, from 2yo.

the perfect nap is a funny story who will entertain your little readers. The Jaguar has something important to do in a little while. The jungle is hot and all of a sudden starts a cooling breeze. Just perfect for a nap. He asks the Coati if he can wake him up in 10 minutes. The Coati does not dare to refuse the Jaguar. The cooling breeze is really nice and would make for a perfect nap. He finds a Cockatoo and tells him that he wants to nap but the bird must wake him up in 10 minutes otherwise he will suffer the wrath of the Jaguar. After a little while the Cockatoo is feeling sleepy and he finds a sloth nearby and asks him to wake him up in 10 minutes, so he can wake the Coati up and the Jaguar. Not a problem the sloth can resist 10 minutes or can’t he?

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