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2020 Q1 French classes for children

French workshops 2020 Q1⁠

**We offer fun workshops for children 3 to 6 where they learn how to speak French with fun activities, such as singing, dancing, playing games, colouring and making craft.⁠

On Saturdays, at 10am, at the restaurant El asador, 324 Bulwer street, Perth.

**French for children 6+⁠
In this class our learners already speak well. We expand our vocabulary by learning different topics such as science, art, sports, hobbies… as well as learn how to write and read.⁠
We also organise a few session on culture.⁠

On Saturdays at 11am at the restaurant El asador, 324 Bulwer street, Perth.

Our Tuesday session at 4pm in Beeliar (Full)⁠
Is a mix of the workshops and a class for 6+ children.⁠

In all our groups we strongly encourage the children to interact between themselves to practise their speaking skills. ⁠

Free trial session, then $20/child/class⁠

Email us or comment to find out more.⁠

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