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World Read Aloud Day 2018

Happy World Read Aloud Day!

What special book are you reading to or with your children today?

We do a lot of reading at home, my children are too young to read by themselves but they love books. Today we are sharing a few tips to make reading a book more fun!

  • Make it fun! Use different voices, exaggerate reactions, do not be afraid to play silly.
  • Ask questions about the pictures, the story. Can you guess what is going to happen next? What would you done differently?
  • Ask them to describe what they see, can they guess the story?
  • Make ‘mistakes’. If your children are like mine they like correcting me when I change something in the story, unless we agreed to all change something.
  • All the above is even more important when you have been reading the same book for the 10th in a row. Repetition is their way to learn and they are registering different elements of the story at every reading.
  • Read a bout things they like, pirates, dinosaurs, fairies, knights, cars, animals, other cultures…
  • Never stop reading to your child even when they learn to read by themselves.
  • Keep reading, the more they see you read the more they want to do it.

If you are a multicultural family, think about bilingual books. They are a great resources as both parents can read in their language. Children get to learn new words in both languages.

Let’s read, read, read!