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Learn Spanish with George the Curious and more bilingual books

Children like repetition. They like to be read the same story time and time again. It is a good way to memorise new vocabulary and understand the complexity and subtleties of a story.

This is why bilingual books are great resources for language learning and literacy skills building. Not only both parents can read the same story in different languages but the child is exposed to twice the vocabulary. Parents can discuss the storyline with the children in both languages.

Another advantage is you can just read the text in your own language when you are tired, you do not have to translate from English. However remember to keep that special moment interesting and stimulating.

Our bilingual Spanish – English books include several adventures of the cheeky monkey Curious George, i.e. ‘at the aquarium’, ‘plants a seed’, ‘at the dance party’, ‘at the gymnastics’….,

of the bubbly Bear, i.e. ‘Bear on a bike’, ‘Bear under the sun’, ‘Bear in a square’,

and of the sweet dog Martha, e.g. ‘Martha toys trouble’, ‘Martha speaks’.

More dual language books here or simply ask us.