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Multicultural children’s book day

Multicultural children’s book day became a national event in the USA on 27 January 2014 thanks to Valerie Budayr ( and Mia Wenjen (

They are both children’s reading and play advocates and presented this day as a way of celebrating diversity in children’s books. Since then it has received an overwhelming support from authors, publishers, parents, teachers and librarians.

It has since become a multinational event.

Diversity means reading stories from all over the world, introducing other cultures, promote a variety of authors and story tellers, read whenever possible in different languages.

This year’s theme is “Be kind, be a hero”. Be kind to each other. We believe that the more we know about each other’s cultures, the more tolerant and understanding we become, the more likely we are to embrace diversity.

We love the idea and we would like to share a book with you that we think perfectly illustrates diversity in children literature.

“The Barefoot book of Earth tales”

Reading stories and doing craft activities are a great way to introduce other cultures.
This book relates beautiful stories from Australia, Bali, Nigeria, Wales, Kazakhstan, India and the American South West.

There is a craft activity related to the culture after each story. It is also a fun way to locate the countries on the world map.

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